12 February 2015

sgp ukraine exhibition2013During 23-25 April 2013 the Ecological Forum "Environment for Ukraine" was held in International Exhibition Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine. The aim of the Forum was integration of the "green economy" strategy into public, economic and social life of Ukraine; promotion of sustainable development and co-operation between governmental institutions, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), academia and private sector.

"Environment 2013" exhibition that emphasized Ukraine environmental diversity, was one of the main events of the Forum 2013. The exposition was organized into 12 thematic segments comprising industrial environment protection programs applied by national and international business operating in country; alternative energy innovations; "ecological house" and arrangement for big cities; options for climate smart agriculture .

sgp ukraine exhibition2013 teamGEF SGP partner-organizations introduced their work and materials under exhibition slogan "Life in Eco-Style". Forum provided GEF NGO Network members an opportunity to strengthen dialogue with the local and central government, academia and private sector as well as to share their experiences and good practices in environmental protection. Some of the SGP partners that participated in the exhibition were Development and Environment, Eco-world, Clean environment of Lugansk region, Environmental Safety, Eco-Centre, For clean Environment, Wave, Green Zhytomyr, Environmental club "Sprout" and others. SGP partners actively participated in a number of conferences organized during the event.

sgp ukraine exhibition2013 team2Representatives of international, governmental and non-governmental organizations appreciated GEF SGP projects implementation in Ukraine. UNDP Country Director Ms. Ricarda Rieger highlighted the fact that SGP supports CSOs in Ukraine to address environmental issues and to improve their livelihood. Head of NGO "Development and Environment" Ms. Nataliya Filipova emphasized the importance of CSOs on solving environmental problems. Ms. Filipova said: "We have an important opportunity to create a critical mass of people and organizations which will help Ukraine to protect its environment".