Knowledge Management

Over the past years SGP has grown exponentially and given the decentralization and demand driven approach of the program, Knowledge Management has been a key element of the programme to ensure that all the lessons learned from the implementation of the projects are captured, analyzed and shared with key stakeholders to promote learning within and across communities and countries and to help replicate and scale up its impact, as well as to inform policy.

At the global level SGP is consistently providing guidance, producing knowledge products, using innovative knowledge exchange tools, and sharing valuable information and lessons learned to its difference audiences including the GEF council and GEF Secretariat, UNDP, other donors, national governments, implementing agencies, SGP grantees, NGOs, CBOs, SGP National Coordinator sand National Steering Committee Members, among others.

At the local level, each country programme composed works directly with the communities in (i) capturing their lessons; (ii) conducting knowledge exchanges; (iii) organizing training workshops; (iv) establishing and nurturing networks of NGO's and CBO's; (v) working with the government in achieving national environmental priorities; (vi) and helping to scale up and replicate best practices and lessons learned.

knowledge sharing1 knowledge sharing2

Innovative approaches

SGP has pioneered innovative approaches to knowledge management and exchange below are two examples of our work pilot testing new tools.

Participatory video - Participatory video permits communities to tell their own stories to a global audience. For this reason, SGP was one of the key supporters of the development of " Insights into Participatory Video: A Handbook for the Field" that provides guidance for undertaking participatory video projects with communities and grassroots partners at the helm, and is available in English, French, Spanish, and Russian. Proposals for SGP funding can also be submitted as videos, enabling access to SGP for those communities with low literacy levels.

Photostories - SGP produced a toolkit for using free software to create photo stories – short videos composed of photos with narration – that yielded 150 photo stories on SGP projects in participating countries. You can watch some of our photostories in our video gallery.

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