Grant Eligibility

Eligibility Test for potential grantee partners

If you answer NO to any of the following questions, you are NOT eligible to apply for funding from SGP.

To learn more about SGP in your country, please contact the National Coordinator in your country. Click here for a list of countries we work in and then select your particular country. The National Coordinator contact information will be in the upper right hand side of the country page.

Are you an NGO/CBO in an SGP participating country?

Click here for a list of SGP countries
Does the proposed project correspond to one of our areas of work – GEF focal areas- and is aligned with the Country Programme Strategy (CPS) of your country?

Click here to see our areas of work. Go to your country page to see the CPS
Is your organization:
a) a non-government organization
b) a community-based organization
c) a grassroots organization?
You are eligible for funding from SGP
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