Climate Change Mitigation

The effects of climate change undermine development efforts and most severely impact the poor, who are relying on natural resources for their livelihoods. In order to actively cope with these challenges, the GEF SGP helps countries to mitigate the negative effects of the Climate Change and to contribute to the overall objectives of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

GEF SGP supports community and non-governmental organizations in providing access to clean energy, sustainable transport, improving energy efficiency and land use practices. In addition to reducing emission and achieving global environmental benefits, GEF SGP climate change interventions help develop capacity of local communities and improve their livelihoods, empowering them to become more resilient to severe climate events and variability.

The projects in GEF SGP climate change portfolio include the following initiatives:

  • Cost-effective renewable energy such as solar panels, solar heaters, micro hydropower plants, biodigestors and biomass generators.
  • Energy efficient technologies for houses, buildings, and industry, including fuel wood-efficient stoves.
  • Local sustainable transport solutions promoting mass transit, non-motorized transport, emissions monitoring and reduction, and liquid bio-fuels.
  • Carbon storage, such as reforestation, cultivation and compost creation initiatives.
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Climate Change Mitigation Snapshot (Since 1992)

5775 # of Projects

US$ 172,215,035 Total Grant Amount

US$ 110,156,752 Total cash Co-Financing

US$ 111,200,365 Total In-Kind Co-Financing

Portfolio By Region

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Europe & the CIS
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