28 November 2022
Though it is South America’s largest predator, with a name meaning ‘wild beast that overcomes its prey in a single bound’, the jaguar is nevertheless surprisingly vulnerable. Since 2019, with support from the GEF Small Gants Programme, implemented by UNDP, Proyecto Yaguerete has been working to strengthen community and inter-institutional work to ensure the coexistence of people and big cats in the Paranaense Forest and the Gran Chaco Argentino. This work seeks to conserve the jaguar in both regions, trying to promote productive models that favor coexistence with the big cats. This includes improving the economy for rural inhabitants and ensuring the sustainability of their livelihoods.
As we celebrate International Jaguar Day on Novermber 29 2022, learn about how radical action by a team of collaborators is redefining jaguar conservation in Argentina. Story available HERE.
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