17 January 2019

ICCA CONSORTIUM CBD COP 14On 24 November 2018, the GEF SGP was invited by the CBD Secretariat to assist with the organisation of the Nature/Culture Summit. Building on the earlier Summits organised at three previous CBD COPs in 2016 (Mexico), 2014 (South Korea), and 2012 (India), the SGP co-organized two of the Summit streams, including one on the role of Community Conservation in relation to the emerging post-2020 CBD framework. The panel discussion focused amongst other things on the suggestion that ‘Nature Needs Half’, and the role for culture, and traditional/sustainable lifestyles with regards to the “Nature sparing” vs. “Nature sharing” approaches. On the basis of the Summit discussions, the resulting The Sharm El-Sheikh Declaration on Nature and Culture incorporated language encouraging support towards the recognition of the importance of self-determined conservation by IPLCs as a contribution to the achievement of the 2020 Aichi Targets; 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); as well as the emerging post-2020 target-setting agenda as part of a ‘Whole Earth’ approach. Ms. Ghanimat Azhdari from the ICCA Consortium in Iran was nominated to present a 3-minute summary statement on behalf of the Summit during the COP14 plenary on Sunday 25 November.