15 June 2017

IMG 730911-14 June 2017; Ysyk-Köl Lake, KYRGYZSTAN - In its role for improving the recognition, support and overall effectiveness of ICCAs in at least 26 countries, the Global Support Initiative to Indigenous Peoples and Community-Conserved Territories and Areas (ICCA-GSI) organized a regional workshop in Kyrgyzstan for multi-level actors in the Central and West Asia regions. The regional workshop was aimed at enhancing the capacities of all concerned actors in promoting and strengthening ICCA recognition and support in the regions.

Workshop Participation and Activities:
The 4-day workshop was co-organized by ICCA-GSI partners, the GEF Small Grant Programme (SGP) and the ICCA Consortium, along with two NGOs, CENESTA (Iran) and the Green Line Eco (Kyrgyzstan). Participants included the SGP and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) country teams and CSOs from ICCA-GSI participating countries in the region (Georgia, Iran, Jordan and Kyrgyzstan) as well as Armenia, Tajikistan and Turkey. They were joined by representatives from other ICCA-GSI partners, namely, the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Global Protected Areas Programme (IUCN GPAP) and United Nations Environment Programme’s World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP WCMC).

The interactive plenary sessions and group exercises was aimed to build the capacities of the national teams in (i.) developing practical tools for ICCAs, including country work plans; (ii.) local legislation and policy pertaining to ICCAs; and (iii.) networking, advocacy, empowerment and increased awareness for ICCAs. Moreover, site visits to four ICCAs provided the participants with a practical experience in identfying site-specific threats and opportunities.

The discussion points included: (i.) identification of current policy, practice, conditions and prospects of the ICCAs in their respective countries; (ii.) assessment of ICCAs in the region including existng ICCA concepts/practices, threats and opportunities; (iii.) goals, procedures and the timeline of ICCA-GSI; and (iv.) World Database of Protected Areas and the ICCA Registry.

Outcomes: As a result of this workshop, there is improved and shared understanding among the participants on the various types of ICCA and its potential for biodiversity conservation and sustainable livelihoods. There is also better understanding of the ICCA-GSI goals, timelines, procedures and the type of support that are provided by the partner organizations such as SGP, ICCA Consortium, IUCN and UNEP WCMC. Moreover, country action plans were developed for each pilot country in the region (Georgia, Iran, Jordan and Kyrgyzstan) that captures country-specific goals and objectives, main activities, target regions and the responsible parties/stakeholders.

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