SGP at COP 27, Sharm El Sheikh

SGP will be participating in multiple events at COP27 and will be highlighting the key role of local communities, civil society and Indigenous Peoples in addressing the climate crisis. Check out SGP's latest publication entitled Community-based climate solutions for sustainable development. This publication provides an overview of initiatives under SGP’s climate change portfolio  and demonstrates the importance of investing in vulnerable populations including Indigenous Peoples, youth, women, persons with disabilities affected by climate change. The examples presented highlight SGP’s commitment to continue investing in and working with partners as a global catalyst to empower local communities using an inclusive and participatory approach that deliver tangible climate solutions, enhanced community ownership of projects, and formulate synergies with a range of stakeholders.

Side events

Note: all times are in local Egypt time

9th November 2022, 6:00pm- 7:30pm

KEY EVENT: Local Action for the Global Goals: reflecting on 30 years of community engagement

Venue: UNDP Pavilion

For the past thirty years, the Small Grants Programme has been providing financial and technical support to civil society and community-based organizations on innovative community-driven initiatives that address global environmental issues. This event will highlight the important role of local communities, civil society and Indigenous Peoples as key agents of change to address global challenges including climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss. It will also highlight the important role of partnerships and financing to achieve the SDGs. Speakers will reflect on the lessons learned over SGP's 30-year history and the next steps in global efforts to preserve our planet with an emphasis on local action.

Read the event coverage here- Local Action, Global Impact- reflecting on 30 years of community engagement

10th November 2022, 1:30pm- 3:00pm

Event: Small Grants- Big Impacts: Financing Local Climate Action

Venue: GEF Pavilion

In partnership with SGP, IKI Small Grants, DFAT and CSOs and others, this event will highlight the role of small grants in enhancing community resilience and climate mitigation and adaptation efforts. Participants will discuss the instruments available for upscaling local practices, strengthening technical and institutional capacities of partner organizations, peer learning and other approaches to supporting local actors. 

11th November 2022

Event: The Ocean x Climate Summit | 10:00am- 5:00pm

Venue: Park Regency Hotel, Grand Ballroom

Oceanic Global and partners will host an all-day summit to engage stakeholders on the importance and potential of the ocean within the climate change narrative, and to support multi stakeholder action for the ocean and all it sustains. Learn more here

Event: Advancing a Rights Based Partnership in Achieving SDG Goal 7 | 1:30pm- 2:45pm

Venue: SDG Pavilion

The Right Energy Partnership with Indigenous Peoples (REP) was developed in order to address the challenges and respond to the critical needs of Indigenous Peoples around renewable energy and unlock the untapped potential of Indigenous-led action for sustainable development and climate action. Since it was launched in 2018, the REP established partnerships with private donors and UN agencies to achieve its goals. This side event will highlight the work of REP that includes partnerships with different actors and Indigenous communities in advocating for a rights-based approach to energy access through partnerships and direct support to Indigenous-led renewable energy initiatives.

Event: Community climate solutions and resilience in the Sahel | 5:30pm- 6:30pm

Venue: Pavilion of IFDD (Institut de la Francophonie pour le Developpement Durable)

Online participation- register here:

For the past four years SOS Sahel and Small Grants Programme have joined forces to support communities in the Sahel drylands on addressing issues of climate change, lands degradation and food security. At this event, development practitioners, civil society and government partners working in Sahel region will discuss approaches to promoting and scaling up community-based solutions for sustainable and resilient agriculture and management of natural resources while enhancing people's well-being and livelihoods. They will present the lessons learned, examples, innovations, way forward and discuss the role of larger initiatives such as “Great Green Wall”.

12th November 2022, 5:00pm- 6:00pm

Event: GLISPA Island Bright Spots Event Series: Fostering Island-led Local Action into Global Coalitions - Spotlight on Climate Adaptation

Venue: Moana Blue, Pacific Pavilion

Island success is built upon initiatives that work – bright spots. In partnership with GLISPA, this event will highlight many locally-led grassroots solutions being implemented in islands that contribute to climate adaptation benefits and how they connect to biodiversity conservation through the application of nature-based solutions.This side event will focus on some common themes including leadership, gender empowerment, collaboration, innovation, policy approaches and scaling up. Zoom link to connect to the event

14th November 2022

Event: Locally Led Resilience to Reduce Impacts of the Climate Crisis | 11:30am- 1:00pm

Venue: Amon Room (105)

The session will highlight the efforts done by different initiatives on the global and regional levels to promote locally-led resilience action plans through the local communities engagement; such as Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) initiatives, the Views from the Frontline, UNDRR ROAS / RAED Promoting Community Engagement in Local DRR Actions in Five Arab Countries.

Event: Indigenous Women leadership in Forest Conservation | 1:00pm- 2:30pm

Venue: UNCT Pavilion

Indigenous and forest women around the world are the unrecognized leaders of climate action. At this event, panelists will present concrete examples of the contributions of Indigenous and territorial women to forest conservation, soil regeneration and the creation of sustainable food production systems, which are part of the solutions to climate change. SGP will launch the publication reflecting on innovation impacts and lessons learned of community-based REDD+ partnership program implemented by SGP and UNDP's Climate and Forest Team- Raising Forest Voices: Experiences from the SGP’s Community-Based REDD+ Pilot Initiative. Event also available on Zoom- 

15th November, 2022, 4:45pm- 7:15pm

Event: Climate Threats and Adaptation Solutions and links with Ecosystem Restoration in the Arab Region

Venue: Thebes Room (150)

The threat posed by climate change to biodiversity is expected to increase, yet thriving ecosystems also have the capacity to help reduce the impacts of climate change. In this context, building on the MAVA Foundation and GEF/UNDP – Small Grants Programme – Egypt collaboration, which witnessed a combination of site-based and thematic national actions, in addition to regional exchanges, government-CSO dialogues, and joint activities, Egypt was among the countries that significantly contributed to the main objectives of this partnership.

During the five policy dialogues (four national and one regional dialogue) held in 2021 & 2021, participants have touched base and discussed current challenges and opportunities concerning biodiversity and natural resources conservation in the region, highlighted several regional and global strategies on biodiversity. Also issues such as ecosystem restoration; climate change impacts on tourism and spatial Planning, impacts of COVID-19 and nature-based solutions were discussed. It is obvious that countries in the region should be fully prepared for CBD COP15 and the implementation of the Post 2020 Global Biodiversity Framework.

The side event will highlight lessons learned and exchange of experience with other success stories from the region and beyond. The speakers will emphasize the role of the CSOs in facilitating national and regional dialogues on Ecosystem Restoration work at the national and regional level, with special focus on the Arab region. The event will also reflect on best practices being implemented such as ecosystem restoration to mainstream biodiversity and climate change into different sectors.

6th- 18th November 2022, all day

Event: Civil Society events with Egyptian CSOs and partners

Venue: Blue and Green Zones

A number of meetings and mini-events with the participation of civil society representatives, including SGP grantee partners in Egypt will be conducted. The events are expected to attract a number of CSO representatives from the country and will focus on knowledge exchange, empowerment and ensuring participation and contribution of civil society to international climate negotiations.

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