Converting tofu waste into high-fiber and high-protein cattle feed
Converting tofu waste into high-fiber and high-protein cattle feed
Project goal:
To conserve the environment by reducing liquid waste as a by product of tofu production and convert it into a high-fiber and high-protein cattle feed as well as an alternative source of income.

Project objective :
1.To increase community involvement in the management of the environmental;
2.To enhance government programme in clean river action;
3.To increase community participation in waste re-cycling programme;
4.To increase community income through establishment of alternative source of income in home industry;
5.To convert non-economic (in fact : pollutant) waste into source of income;
6.To increase community capability in treating waste/pollutant before released to the environment;
7.To create new job opportunity.

Activities to be carried out under the project :
1. Preparation.
a)Working permit from Local Government;
b)Field preliminary research in tofu industry;
c)Set up a demoplot of single cell algae culture and simple technology application.

2. Local training and education in the field.
a)Waste treatment;
b)Product management;
c)Marketing management.

3. Outreach Approach.
a)Network establishment;
b)Procurement of algae seeds from Pelabuhan Ratu;
c)Procurement of single cell seeds from Department of Agriculture Unit in Depok;
d)Marketing chain establishment;
e)Dissemination of the results.

4. Technical Assistance.
a)Single cell culture technique;
b)Simple technology applied for liquid waste treatment;
c)Convert liquid waste produced to solid cattle feed;
d)Product (cattle feed) packaging techniques;
e)Cooperative establishment.

5. Evaluation and Reporting.

Project Participants and/or beneficiaries :
1. Yayasan Karya Eko Lestari.
2. Tahu-tempe cooperative and its members, Mampang Prapatan sub-district, Jakarta Selatan.

Anticipated result of project :
1. Cleaner river water due to reduction of liquid waste pollutant;
2. Better environment condition;
3. New job opportunity created;
4. Additional income for participating community;
5. Increased community participation to protect environment;
6. Establishment of cattle feed cooperative;
7. The model could be replicated to other area.
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Project Snapshot

Yayasan Karya Eko Lestari
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 7,671.20
Co-Financing Cash:
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 1,849.30
Project Number:
Project Terminated Before Completion
Project Characteristics and Results
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Grantee Contact

Dharma Sutanto


Jl.Gilisampeng I/3, Kemanggisan Kebun Jeruk
West Jakarta , Jakarta ,

SGP Country office contact

Ms. Catharina Dwihastarini
(62-21) 720-6125/722-0905
(62-21) 722-0905


JL. Bacang II No.8, Kramat Pela Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan, 12130

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