Mt. Maraot na Banwa Biodiversity Conservation
Mt. Maraot na Banwa Biodiversity Conservation
The project involves the conservation and protection of the biodiversity of Mt. Maraot na Bawa through community strengthening, mobilizing local communities for the protection of the forest resources, and actual conservation activities.

The project shall increase the knowledge and understanding/awareness of the partner communities including those surrounding Mt. Maraot, on the importance of conserving biodiversity and the environment as a whole, for sustainability and future generation. This is expected to be expressed in terms of reducing man-made destruction on Mt. Maraot.

The project shall also assist the partner POs develop schemes to generate funds for the sustainability of the conservation activities, particularly for livelihood. In addition, networking with barangay/municipal councils for IRA allocation shall also be undertaken.

The Information/Education, firstly focused on the landdwellers especially on their activities that might be destructive to the mountain biodiversity, the EIC went to the barangay officials/councils and partners organizations, then to the youths in the schools, and schools faculties.

On the Biodiversity Conservation, the three community-managed nurseries produced at least 55 seedlings of endemic tree species, and outplanted in the mountain land. First outplanting done was at the watershed areas, then the second planting to the denuded parts of the mountain.

The nursery management is composed of school youth as seed collector, the youth organization members with brgy. officials in the sowing and seedling production activities, the outplanting by the landdwellers with support from partner organization members.

The Landuse Formulation was conducted by the leaders of landwellers’ association, based on the Brgy., NGO, Landdwellers memorandum on the mountain biodiversity conservation. Identifying the use of easement, steep slopes, remaining forest, and areas for crop production.

The proposed landuse by the group needs refinement through consultation, and local legislation.

The project’s support services to surrounding communities did not take off, because of lack of funding opportunities.
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Project Snapshot

Building and Organzing Christian Communities
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 36,691.21
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 9,894.70
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 22,170.00
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Planning non gef grant
A proposal has been submitted for the mountain landuse formation and legislation, and other conservation activities in the mountain and its environmental information/education campaign/organizing in other barangays of the municipality. A separate proposal had also submitted for livelihood activities of the landdwellers, and surrounding communities.
Notable Community Participation
Community able to plant at least 10,000 seedlings around Mt. Maraot. In addition, once the community were organized and educated about the environmental protection, the community can be united in their struggle to maintain, protect and manage the wildlife and enjoy products from their upland farms. The project’s implementation was supported by its partner organization members, in terms of information dissemination, and organizing lobbying. But remarkable, are the voluntary participation of the school youth, and community youth organizations. The NGO/PO’s municipal alliance was instrumental in the integration of the biodiversity conservation, in their yearly Peace and Ecology Week, every October. The youth-sponsored summer camp is centered on the biodiversity conservation, and also on-going protections of the mountain. The LGU supports the project, by encouraging organizers of the summer camp and Peace and Environment week, and also by their legislations.
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