Mangrove Conservation, Coral Reef Management, and Kitang Fishing in the Tagabinet-Ulugan Bay Area Project
Mangrove Conservation, Coral Reef Management, and Kitang Fishing in the Tagabinet-Ulugan Bay Area Project
Biodiversity conservation component involved the planting indigenous mangrove tree species, coastal clean-up, and coral reef monitoring and management; and kitang fishing, which is a semi-deep sea fishing involving the use of nylon fishing lines with about 500 pieces of hooks lowered to the bottom of the sea; it also involves a big boat that stay for longer period offshore and carries supplies and materials for the operation, and a number of small boats that gather and collect the fish catch and bring them onshore. The fishing will be concentrated offshore, beyond the Ulugan Bay, Puerto Princesa City in order that this group of fishermen from Barangay Tagabinet will be able to leave the Ulugan Bay fishing areas for sometime to "recuperate" from over fishing and destruction of corals and other marine life.

The project aims to provide assistance to the members of the Barangay Tagabinet Fisherman's Association (BTFA) engage in a sustainable livelihood activity through the use of Kitang fishing which shall increase the expected catch of fish by at least fifty percent (50%) or sixty kilos (60 kgs) where extensive experience of the members will be useful. With the present P3,558 average monthly income of the fishermen in the barangay, the project is expected to increase the same by at least seventy percent (70%). It will try to establish wider market linkage and providing the fishermen options where to sell their fish and other marine products which shall result in the increase of the selling price per kilo by at least one percent (1%). The association members and the members of the larger community will be encouraged through the project and will become aware and involve in the protection of the environment through trainings, seminars and other activities, coastal clean-up and mangrove tree planting (bakawan and tangal, engage in regular clean-up of the coastal area where the members of the association live, conduct coral reef monitoring and management in the vicinities of the Ulugan Bay area within the jurisdiction of Bgy. Tagabinet to determine the present and future situation of the marine and coastal resources therein. The PO members will also participate in the process of community resource mobilization, project planning, implementation and monitoring the protected area. Total grant amount is $36,763 UNF and $13,205 GEF.
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Project Snapshot

Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 49,968.16
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 3,104.04
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Project Terminated Before Completion
Project Characteristics and Results
Capacity - Building Component
The PANLIPI will train the BTFA members on how to be effective and efficient forest protection officers and fish wardens. This will be done through paralegal training on the recent laws, rules and regulations being enforced on forest, marine and fishery management. Trainings will be conducted on organizational and financial management, entrepreneurship, marketing, and simple business management, coral reef monitoring and management, mangrove trees propagation and planting, waste management, fish processing, and other relevant training modules.
Notable Community Participation
The PO members conceptualized the proposal with the assistance from the PANLIPI. All the members of the BTFA would completely undertake the fishing activities. The planting of mangrove tree species will also be collectively done, including the regular maintenance of the trees planted. Selected and trained members will be involved in the coral reef monitoring. Planning for the coral reef area will involve the BFARMC in Tagabinet, including the barangay officials and other members of the nearby communities. Definitely, the coastal clean up is a community participated undertaking. Initially, the members will encourage the whole community to be trained on proper waste management. Proper waste and garbage disposal will be coordinated with the City's Alay Kalinisan Program.
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