A Proposal to Conduct Feasibility Studies for Microhydro System in the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park (PPSRNP)
A Proposal to Conduct Feasibility Studies for Microhydro System in the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park (PPSRNP)
The project will be a detailed study of the technical aspect, development, hydrology and engineering and the power demand projection for the household and other livelihood application of the mircrohydro power that will be generated from the two sites will be done. It will also involve the gathering relevant socio-economic data and information on the available resources, development of appropriate watershed/ conservation program and other strategies to address other needs of the community.

1. The detailed Socio-Economic Study will include:

a. matching the hydropower potential with its usage for appropriate end-use or energy utilization;
b. developing the appropriate resource/ watershed conservation program;
c. formulating the appropriate solution to address other needs such as enhancing food production;

2. Study of power demand projection with full consideration of the power requirements for household consumption and other livelihood applications.

This project aims to assist the potential project partners/beneficiaries on the project development for the establishment and construction of a microhydro project in the Bgys. Marufinas and Tagabinet.
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Project Snapshot

Sibol Ng Agham At Teknolohiya
Area Of Work:
Climate Change Mitigation
Grant Amount:
US$ 2,843.00
Co-Financing Cash:
Co-Financing in-Kind:
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Notable Community Participation
The Feasibility studies included Socio Economic assessment of the communities in Barangays Tagabinet and Marufinas, Puerto Princesa City. Detailed Socio-Economic Study - Survey of the socio-economic profile and the availability of resources in the identified areas to establish the baseline data in matching the hydropower potentials with its usage for appropriate end-use (energy utilization); developing the appropriate resource (watershed) conservation program; and in formulating the appropriate solution to address other needs (such as enhancing food production). The community was will be consulted on the social and economic feasibility of the microhydro system. Some community members will also be instrumental in the technical survey of two proposed sites in Barangay Marufinas and two sites in Barangay Tagabinet. The cultural practices of the 95% IP community will be the main focus of the consultations, data and information collection, and analysis.
Capacity - Building Component
The community members will gain some basic knowledge and a little skill in the conduct of consultations, participation in the data and information collection. There is no specific capability building component in the feasibility study itself. There will be one in the implementation of the microhydro project along the technical and organizational management of the microhydro infrastructure and the PO that will manage the project.
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