Community Management of Natural Resources in Semi-arid Areas/ Ruwaim
Community Management of Natural Resources in Semi-arid Areas/ Ruwaim
The project iwll be implemented by the Ruwaim Charity Society in Ruwaim, Tafileh, where the Mediterranean arid to semi-arid eco-system prevails, and where consecutive draughty seasons have negatively affected water springs, leading to general deterioration of plant cover and drying up of several trees and home gardens. The project will involve the local community in several interventions that would contribute to addressing the problem. Those interventions would include collecting rainwater from rooftops and using domestic gray water for irrigation purposes, constructing stone terraces to conserve the soil and planting indigenous fruit trees and cleaning water channels and water spring outlets.
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Project Snapshot

Ruwaim Charity Society
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 40,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 10,000.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 13,909.00
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Gender Focus
All members of the community will benefit from this project.
Emphasis on Sustainable Livelihoods
Improving the water effeiciency for irrigation, whether by using gray water or improving water springs conditions will lead to improving production of farms and home gardens, leading to improved income of the community.
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Grantee Contact

Abdullah Ahmed Al Hneifat


Ruwaim village
Tafileh , Tafileh governorate ,

SGP Country office contact

Mr. Anas Abdel Raouf Khasawneh
00962/6/5100420 Ext: 246


UNDP Jordan/ shmeisani, Ishaq Al Edwan street/ P.O.Box 941631
Amman, Arab States, 11183