Protected Area Conservation and Livelihood Enterprise Through Vending and Souvenir Working Shop Project
Protected Area Conservation and Livelihood Enterprise Through Vending and Souvenir Working Shop Project
The project aims to assist the Sabang Vendors Association (SVA) members develop and establish livelihood enterprise through vending and souvenir working shop project. It is expected that this project will be able to: a) provide additional source of income for the beneficiaries; b) develop and sustain project and resources; c) enhance and develop skills, attitude and behavior of the members and officers of the association; and d) contribute and assist in the protection and conservation of Biodiversity inside the PPSRNP through the development and management of a 10-hectare area of land within the Park to be develop and planted with indigenous tropical tree species. The production of souvenir items and handicraft that will be sold to tourists/visitors in the park and other markets that will be identified, and vending rice, vegetables, fish to augment income during off-season, at Sabang, Cabayugan, Puerto Princesa City. Total grant amount is $41,421 UNF and $7,976 GEF.
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Project Snapshot

Budyong Rural Development Foundation Inc.
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 49,397.66
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 5,413.39
Co-Financing in-Kind:
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Notable Community Participation
An NGO, Budyong Rural Development Foundation, Inc (BRDFI) has made the proposal designed to assist the CBO, Sabang Vendors Association (SVA) in the implementation of a project that will produce souvenir items and other handicrafts that the latter will sold to visitors and tourists visiting the Park. The CBO members will also embark in planting at least ten hectares area within the PPSRNP. This area will be identified by the Protected Areas Management Board (PAMB) and will be planted by the members of the community using indigenous tree and other plant species.
Gender Focus
Majority of the storekeepers and vendors are the women members of the association. They play a big role in the implementation of the project. The men will take care of the nursery and in planting forest area. Both men and women are involved in managing the association.
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Grantee Contact

Mr. Roel Rodriguez, Executive Director


Unit 4 Zanzibar Building, Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa City
Palawan, LUZON , 5300



SGP Country office contact

Ms. Rochelle Balitaan Villanueva
+63 2 2944082
Atty Rodolfo Ferdinand Jr Quicho
+63 2 2944082
+63 2 2944082


Biodiversity Management Bureau Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center North Avenue, Diliman
Quezon City, Metro Manila, 1101

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