Phou Pha Khao Conservation
Phou Pha Khao Conservation
Phou Pha Khao ( or Pha Khao Mountain) is situated in the area of Phou Kradung and Pha Khao District. It is an origin of streams that form Lam Nam Phuay and Lam Nam Phong whcih drain into the Mekhong River. The total area is approximately 1,300 ha and inhabited by 6 small villages. Because of the geographical limitation ,the majority of population are planting rice for daily subsistence only while the main agricultural products are other cash crops. However, this agricultural practice is not providing subsistence due to inadequate planting area. Some families do not have any farming land at all. The migration into big towns is very common.

The persisting environmental problems in the area can be outlined as follows:

1. The mono-culture of cash crop which focuses on commercialization causes the degradation of land.The yearly wildfire has devastated the forest area which subsequently brings about the reduction of resource potential in the land.
2. There has been efforts to set up grinding - stone factories by some groups of businessmen against the will of the local people which are trying to promote the area to become a protected area.Through this promotion , the rich natural resources in the area can be better conserved and protected.

Project goals or objectives (including GEF problem-area addressed by projects):

1. To educate and support CBOs in the locality regarding the conservation and rehabilitation of the environment
2. To promote environmentally-friendly activities of the target groups
3. To educate youths ,through non-formal education system ,on environmental and natural resources conservation

Activities to be carried out under project:

1. To launch wildfire fighting activities by survey of the areas, training of volunteers, dissemination of information , plantation of tree and procurement of fire-fighting equipment
2. To launch sustainable agriculture activities by training , nursery process, chemical application reduction, establishment of rotating fund
3. To set up a centre for nature study for youths
4. To train women’s group on food & agricultural product processing and preservation by using solar heater

Project participants and/or beneficiaries:

Families of the Wildfire-fighting group, 20 members of womens’ group, 40 members of youth group and Tabol Pha Khao as a whole

Anticipated results of project:

1. Members of the Wildfire-Fighting Group possess know-how on fire-fighting system and are capable to cope with the fire.
2. Member of the women’s group possess know-how on sustainable agriculture and food and agricultural product processing and preservation.
3. Members of volunteer groups possess solid background on environmental and natural resources conservation .
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Project Snapshot

Suan Thai Kaset
Area Of Work:
International Waters
Grant Amount:
US$ 10,526.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 3,950.32
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 6,259.15
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
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