Nong Leng Sai Conservation Awareness Promotion
Nong Leng Sai Conservation Awareness Promotion
Nong Leng Sai ,a reservoir, which drains into the Maekhong River, has the area about 1,050 ha. It has been a source of water supply for household consumption, agricultural activites and food for villagers residing in the 5 Tambols around the reservoir.

In 1994, The Payao Provincial Accelerated Rural Development,a government agency, had launched a development project by dredging the ditches around the reservoir.The main objective was to demarcate the boundaries of the reservoir and check the community encroachment. Morevoer, the project had dredged the central part of the reservoir to hold more water.However, the project had been planned to solve the specific and contemporary problem only.As the matter of fact,the essence of the project lacked community participation and long-term strategy.

At present, the reservoir has been under degradeation. The threatening conditions can be summarized as follows:

1. The flowing streams from the watershed area have caused the reservoir to be silted up.The water-holding capacity is decreasing and the unwanted weeds become more aggressive. Evidently, this condition has affected the livelihood of surrounding communities.There is less water for agriculture and household consumption.Fishes, the main staple for communities, have become smaller in number.
2. The encroachment of communities has taken up the area of the reservoir.
3. The degradation of ecosystem around the reservoir can be witnessed by the dwindling number of forest and wildlife.There are less indigeneous big trees.
4. The quality of the water in the reservoir has become inferior due to higher amount of suspended materials and imposed problems for consumption and agriculture.

Activities to be carried out under project:

1. Disseminating and launching campaigns through mass media, such as radio,newspaper,tracts and posters, among communities at all levels so that they realize their roles in participating in the development of Nong Leng Sai
2. Organizing annual religious rites so as to mobilize the financial resources required in the development of Nong Leng Sai and to demonstrate the community coorperation
3. Llaunching the traditional rite to raise awareness and boost up the morale of community annually
4. Dredging the Nong Leng Sai by the cooperation of the communities and the managing committee

Project participants and/or beneficiaries:

People from all walks of life residing around Nong Leng Sai are main paricipants.These poeple are villagers of Tambol Sri Thoy, Tambol Ban Lao,Tambol Mae Jai, Tambol Mae Suk, Tambol Charoenrat and Tambol Pa Faek

Anticipated results of project:

1. Through the consistently employed mass media, the people become widely aware and realize the significance of conservation and rehabilitation of Nong Leng Sai
2. Community participation and support though project planning and contributing both labour and asset to the course of conservation and development of Nong Leng Sai
3. As the result of the project, Nong Leng Sai would become rich in natrual resources and the second biggest reservoir after the famous Kwan Payao
4. The evident and consistent coorperation from communities at all levels ,both private and public sectors
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Photharam Temple
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International Waters
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US$ 2,074.00
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US$ 5,000.00
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Satisfactorily Completed
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