Natural resources management plan for concession areas NG22/23 in the Okavango Delta.
Natural resources management plan for concession areas NG22/23 in the Okavango Delta.
The five villages of Seronga, Gunotsoga, Beetsha, Eretsha and Guidigwa lie in a conservation area and within the Okavango Delta. This area, with its unique and fragile ecosystem lies within the internationally recognised RAMSAR area. It is one Africa's greatest wetlands.

Five years ago these five villages formed a trust (Okavango Community Trust - OCT) and applied to Land Board for lease of the community management areas called NG22 and NG23 on the eastern edge of the Okavango Delta. They also obtained hunting quotas from the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (DWNP).

Community management plans for community management areas are highly recommended by both Land Boards and DWNP and will become mandatory when the new policy on Community Based Natural Resource Management passes through parliament. This project aims to produce a community management plan for the community management areas NG22 and NG23, currently leased to OCT. It is hoped that the proposed activity will amongst other things raise awareness in OCT communities of the importance of planning the management of natural resources in the area, and also ensure commitment amongst communit members to the management of their areas according to the management plan drawn up.
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Okavango Community Trust
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