Proposal To Advance The Sea Turtle Tagging Programme 2001 On The East Coast
Proposal To Advance The Sea Turtle Tagging Programme 2001 On The East Coast
Over the last ten years, the community of Matura made attempts to address the declining population of turtles nesting on Matura Beach. The senseless slaughtering of Leatherback Turtles and the wastage, which seems to have no end, prompted this effort.

The last two years brought great success with the conservation effort since Natseek has been able to acquire the best available and consistent data on the number of turtles nesting on Matura Beach. The problem as it exists is the ability to sustain the purchase of tagging equipment after the last two years. Matura and Fishing Pond Beach are scientifically one nesting site and the present population study has been restricted to part of this site (Matura). However in order to acquire a more accurate population study of the turtles nesting in this area the tagging effort will be extended to Fishing Pond.

The objectives of this project are:
i) To continue the intensive scientific recording and identification of marine turtles on Matura beach.
ii) To train and equip Fishing Pond Environment and Community Group to undertake a marine turtle identification programme for two peak months. (May-June).
iii) To develop a Database that would be appropriate and applicable to both the local and national level.
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Project Snapshot

Nature Seekers
Trinidad and tobago
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 31,169.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 3,373.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 20,006.90
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Emphasis on Sustainable Livelihoods
The project will also address income generating activities, eg. Turtle ecotours and Adopt-a-Turtle programme, a percentage of which will be distributed to community members who participate in the project
Notable Community Participation
The project will be implemented by members of Nature Seekers, a local CBO, and the villagers of Matura
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Grantee Contact

Dennis Sammy


Toco Main Road
Matura ,

SGP Country office contact

Ms. Sharda Mahabir


c/o UNDP, United Nations House, 3A Chancery Lane