Community based sustainable management of biodiversity in Bintuni Bay, with emphasis on mangroves
Community based sustainable management of biodiversity in Bintuni Bay, with emphasis on mangroves
Project goal:
The establishment of community based sustainable management of biological diversity where the various interests are accommodated and the regional development is taken into account.

Project objective :
1. To provide a map of traditional areas of resource utilization before and after the entry of commercial activities as well as documentation of traditional resource use pattern;
2. To compile an action plan on community based sustainable resource use on the basis of the achievement of objective #1;
3. To develop recommendations for a biosphere management area based on the data objective 1 and 2;
4. To raise wider public awareness on the ecological and social importance of biodiversity at Bintuni Bay and the need for conservation of mangrove.

Activities to be carried out under the project :
1. Preparation.
a) Developing capacity of local communities;
b) Documentation of traditional resource management;
c) Compilation of action plan;
d) Dialog and agreement with local government.

2. Local training and education in the field.
a) Community mapping;
b) Resource management;
c) Sustainable resource utilization.

3. Outreach Approach.
a) Dialogue module establishment;
b) Community map establishment;
c) Action plan implemented;
d) Replication of the succeed result to other areas;

4. Technical Assistance.
a) Sustainable resource management;
b) Dialog conflict resolution;
c) Mapping.

5. Evaluation and Reporting.
Project Participants and/or beneficiaries :
1.Yayasan Dialog Pembangunan Teluk Bintuni.
2.Community in Bintuni Bay, Irian Jaya.

Anticipated result of project :
1.Increased in community awareness and participation in sustainable utilization of natural resources and nature conservation;
2.Sustainability of biodiversity in Bintuni Bay;
3.Improved socio-cultural and economic welfare of the community;
4.Dissemination of the project result;
5.Established a model for community based biodiversity management and to be adapted to other areas in Indonesia.
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Project Snapshot

Yayasan Dialog Pembangunan Teluk Bintuni
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 10,234.38
Co-Financing Cash:
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 15,911.25
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
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