Effective and Efficient Technology Implementation Program to Process Unsold Fish Residue into Marketable Product
Effective and Efficient Technology Implementation Program to Process Unsold Fish Residue into Marketable Product
Community Empowerement through the Implementation of Fish Soy Sauce Making Technology Using Discarded with Nucleous Plasm System in Horua Village

Project Objectives
1. To improve the women’s role in economic activities of villages in Buton district particular and Southeast Province in general.
2. To increase farmers’ income and community of villages or towns in Buton district.
3. To stimulate private investors to develop fish soy-sauce downstream industry together with the community and/or local government.
4. To develop fish soy-sauce user industry
5. To encourage exporters to market the product to neighboring countries particularly Southeast Asia and East Asia.
6. To actively take part in maintaining conservation area of Laut Hoga Land.
7. To take part in conserving corral reef by fishermen due to economic reason.
8. To actively transplant seedling and distribute them (via fishermen) several small scale extinct fish species
9. To actively persuade assisted-local group to protect conservation areas and to avoid using destructive catchments method (bomb)
10. Empowered by strong economic condition of the fishermen, extinct animals (bird) and vegetation (mangrove) within the forest as their habitat can hopefully be conserved.

Expected Output:
1. Improved fishermen’s income
2. Decrease of illegal logging.
3. Conservation of protected areas as the world’s link
4. Increased community awareness on the importance of environmental conservation
5. A mutual cooperation between community and local government the downstream industry organizer
6. Establishment downstream fish-soy sauce industry to standardize product made by community and to organize product marketing.

Project Activities:
1. Environmental Conservation: a. Extension phase; b. Implementation phase
2. Community Development
3. Project Initiation (project location, target group, study on target group, study on production capacity, market demand & residual product capacity).
4. Study on target group distribution and their transportation
5. Core site designation
6. Proposal Development
7. Training on Plasma
8. Plasma preparation and construction
9. Trial phase
10. Market Initiation Phase
11. Plasma Operational Phase
12. Monitoring
13. Evaluation
14. Reporting

Project Participants and/or beneficiaries:
1. Yayasan Mooniana
2. Yayasan Waskita Dian Persada Bandung
3. Local Community
4. Other stakeholders related to project

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Project Snapshot

Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 2,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 204.33
Co-Financing in-Kind:
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
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Grantee Contact

Hj. Masyhura


Jl. Wijaya Kusumah No. 2A Kendari
South East Sulawesi , 93121

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Ms. Catharina Dwihastarini
(62-21) 720-6125/722-0905
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