Training of the Local and National NGOs on "Project Development and Implementation in GEF Focal Areas"
Training of the Local and National NGOs on "Project Development and Implementation in GEF Focal Areas"
The capacity building programme is intended to educate a broad-based national and local NGOs about the GEF / SGP - its mission, strategy, policies and procedures. It will also provide practical information on how to attain access to GEF resources and how to propose, prepare and implement GEF / SGP financed activities; promote country level co-ordination and sharing of information on best practices and lessons learned. At least 100 NGOs will be trained through 5 regional training seminars. Each will have a duration of 3 days and will be held in 5 different locations: in Ankara for NGOs executing in Central Anatolia, in Antalya for NGOs executing in Mediterranean, in Izmir for NGOs executing in Aegean and Marmara, in Samsun for NGOs executing in Black Sea, and in Diyarbakir for NGOs executing in Southeastern, East Anatolia.
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Project Snapshot

The Society for the Conservation of Nature
Area Of Work:
Multifocal Area
Grant Amount:
US$ 50,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 880.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Promoting Public Awareness of Global Environment
The project aims to promote outreach and awareness regarding global environmental concerns, to increase capacities of communities and NGOs to address these concerns, and to provide a mechanism for demonstrating and disseminating community-level and community-led solutions to global environmental problems.
Capacity - Building Component
The project target to built the capacity of 100 NGOs throughout Turkey on the following: What are the nature conservation priorities of the region? What are the environmental features of the region? How to define an environmental problem or threat? What is the holistic approach for conservation? What is the integrated management of a -protected- site? How to develop and run a nature conservation project? What is "project cycle"? What is the participatory project development and management? How to design the project's logical framework? How to guarantee the project's sustainability? How to access funding resources for a project? Who are the donors? What is GEF / SGP, what are its Operational Programmes? How to write and submit a project proposal?
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SGP Country office contact

Ms. Gokmen Argun
90-312 4541131
90-312 4961463
Ms Basak Okay
+90312 454 11 32


Yildiz Kule, Yukari Dikmen Mahallesi, Turan Gunes Bulvari, No:106, 06550, Cankaya,
Ankara, RBEC, 06610

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