Behavioural activity and spatial utilisation patterns of black backed jackals.
Behavioural activity and spatial utilisation patterns of black backed jackals.
This study is a continuation of a research project on the behavioural ecology of black-backed jackals in south-eastern Botswana. The study commenced in 1995 as a MPhil research project conducted at Mokolodi Nature Reserve (MNR) under the auspices of the Mammal Research Institute, University of Pretoria, RSA. The MPhil component ended successfully in 1998, and its findings are presented in the form of a thesis (Kaunda,1998). The major findings included jackal predation on ungulate afterbirths, predation on neonates, and even attacks on parturient ungulate females. Extraterritorial excursions were commonly witnessed, and these were usually directed towards agricultural and human establishments, sometimes even crossing the Botswana/RSA boudary (Kaunda, 1998). Diagnostic tests for rabies in jackals at MNR revealed the presence of the rabies virus in some individuals. It was on this basis, and also on the basis of the study's academic interest and applied significance to Botswana, that it was deemed necessary to extend it beyond the scope of the MPhil work and the initial study site (MNR) to include the adjacent agricultural areas.

The project seeks to investigate jackal activity and movement in selected parts of southeastern Botswana, in order to determine behavioural activity patterns, home ranges, jackal population density and habitat use, and the prevalence of jackal rabies.

Research will provide information for the formulation of a policy to deal with black-backed jackals as one of the predators responsible for the conflict between the wildlife and agricultural sector. Failure to address this conflict could threaten biodiversity because of the negative attitude towards wildlife.
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