Conservation of medicinal plants of Cao Lan ethnic minorities
Conservation of medicinal plants of Cao Lan ethnic minorities
The primamry aims of the planning grant are to promote the participation of key stakeholders of the proposed project, including local authorities and relevant agencies and communties, and provide scientific assistance for the project development. Major activities of the project include conducting surveys on socio-economic conditions of the proposed project site, identifying proposed project objectives and activities and assessing their feasibility, and providing needed technical assistance in project design and writing project proposal which will be submitted to GEF/SGP for review and appraisal; and identifying possibilities for project synergies and resource mobilisation.
The primary purpose of the proposed project is to promote conservation and sustainable use of medicinal plants resources in the project area, preserving traditional knowledge and practices in using medicinal plants for disease treatment of the Cao Lan community. The proposed project promotes in-situ conservation of these medicinal plant resources by conducting a survey on the medicinal plant resources, establishing an inventory of medicinal plant resources in the project area, and identifying their location in their native for preservation. It also aims generating community interest and income in home cultivation of wild species, which is in need of the community and market, demand, hence increasing community income from medicinal plant cultivation.
The proposed project is intended to be carried out in Doi Can Commune, Yen Son District, Tuyen Quang Province.
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Project Snapshot

Ethnomedicinal Association of Tuyen Quang Province
Viet nam
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 523.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 558.78
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 400.00
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Emphasis on Sustainable Livelihoods
+ The main income of the commune Doi (Cao Lan ethnic occupy?%) Came from the traditional harvest, cultivation of medicinal plants as medicine, poultices, massage, alcohol, drugs, ... treatment for the local and surrounding areas. The commune has 30 healers, of which 10 have more specific experience, serving as home remedies.
Capacity - Building Component
- 05 trainings for 4 household gardens and orchard-clinics on technology transfer modeling conservation of medicinal plants garden. - Traditional-ethnic-style community workshop for 60 participants including Oriental medicine doctor & physician delegates from Tuyen Quang Province and their counterparts from Yen Son District and some neighboring communes, village to exchange experience on ethnic traditional remedies, the urgency to protect the medicinal plant resources are increasingly depleted, the sustainable use of medicinal plant resources of the ethnic Lan Cao. - Organize a contest to find out the resources of medicinal plants of Cao Lan for student audience in Yen Son Secondary School (250 students). - To organize 5 technical trainings on medicine crop income (200participants) tillage techniques, planting, fertilizing, harvesting and storage as well as consumption of medicinal plants, including Curcuma zeodaria, Rhizoma Kaempferiae galangae, Discorea, etc. - 1 sightseeing (60 people) about the growing, processing, consumption of medicinal plants in Nghia Trai.
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