Biodiversity conservation project in Chu Yang Sin Nature Reserve, Dak Lak Province
Biodiversity conservation project in Chu Yang Sin Nature Reserve, Dak Lak Province
The project meets the goal of the GEF/SGP by contributing to the conservation and sustainable use of the biological resources of Chu Yang Sin Nature Reserve in Daklak Province. Chu Yang Sin Nature Reserve is one of the biggest national nature reserves in Vietnam. It contains highly valuable biological resources of a rainforest ecosystem. Poverty and population growth (due to high birth rate and illegal immigration), isolation and a strong lack of human and financial resources for the Reserve management and protection are the main causes of biodiversity loss and deforestation, which are considered two major environmental problems in the Reserve and its buffer zone. The project aims to develop an integrated development model in the buffer zone of the nature reserve where community of the ethnic minorities resides. It focuses on strengthening capacity of the Youth Union, especially the Commune Youth Union, in carrying out environmental campaigns and awareness raising activities, and improving capacity in nature reserve management of the management authority and youth and local leaders. The project also contributes to fighting poverty to protect the environment by creating alternative livelihoods for the community so as to reduce their strong dependence on the Reserve resources for their survival.
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Project Snapshot

Youth Union of Dak Lak Province
Viet nam
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 17,903.00
Co-Financing Cash:
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 10,087.00
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Notable Community Participation
- The project focused on the participation of the community. During the project planning, the management has collected knowledge, experience and practices of the local people on the most urgent needs and the solution for building model to raise the income of the local households. - To promote the role and responsibilities of the community in participating in the project and to make good use of the project's final achievements, during the implementation, monitoring and evaluation, the project will: + disseminate information about the project to the community (through leaflets, radio, television, conferences and implementation conferences, final review of the project, etc.) + facilitate community participation in all activities of the project and organize community votings to choose the households to join the projects with income raising production models. + facilitate community participation in supervising, monitoring and evaluation of models' effectiveness and learn to apply to their own family. + mobilize the community to contribute to the construction of the models. + pay attention to the customs and practices of the community to build training content accordingly.
Capacity - Building Component
2 training worshops (45 persons / class) for the youth team of volunteers and the commune officers about the fundamental environmental issues and communication skills. - 1 field trip (15 people) to locations of successful model of community-based education on protecting the reserve. - 1 contests about Chu Yang Sin for students, local youth in the districts of the reserve. - 1 training workshop (30 people) about knowledge on reserve areas management for the local authorities and Youth Union at the commune, district and provincial levels. - 1 workshop (1 day) on management and protection of the reserve.
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