Active youth for environmental protection in Elbasan
Active youth for environmental protection in Elbasan
This project is based on a detail previous study of the waste disposal in the nature for a long period of time in Elbasan City and the importance of reusing, reducing and recycling some particular solid waste. The project aims to make young people aware about the importance of environmental protection and to familiarize them with the steps they need to follow to accomplish it. Its objectives are:
1. To educate the youth of the high schools in Elbasan city and the youth council of Elbasan regarding the international and national legal framework for the environmental protection and to empower the youth to actively participate with decisions on environmental problems, at the local level.
2. To create new patterns of behaviour, including waste separation that positively affects the protection of the environment and its recognition.
3. To motivate and encourage young people to become initiators of the best environmental event in their schools and even in the city.
The project will focus on two directions: a series of trainings and workshops on education for environmental protection by encouraging active participation in environmental protection and real actions including the organization of tree planting events and plastic waste basket placement in yards / public areas with the high schools’ students of the Municipality of Elbasan

Project Snapshot

Instituti per shkence dhe kerkim ne arsimin e larte
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US$ 37,768.00
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Not active yet

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Mr. Arian Gace


GEF/SGP Rr.Pjeter Bogdani,Pall.38/1,Kati 4,Ap.15
Tirana, Europe and the CIS, 1019

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