Protection of orchards from winds through establishing forest strips on crop land
Protection of orchards from winds through establishing forest strips on crop land
This project has been developed on feasibility study by GIZ Sustainable Rural Development program and will be assisted and co-financed by GIZ.
This project wants to increase the area of landscapes under sustainable land management in fruit production systems by addressing issues of crop safety and biodiversity through demonstrating and promoting planting/construction of wind breaking tree belts and hedges.
In recent years, climate change has increasingly led to the occurrence of storms such as in October 2021 in Korca, when entire orchards were destroyed. There is little experience in Albania for the establishment of wind breaks. The project will create windbreaks with forest strips made from deciduous autochthonous species which have positive effects both to the orchards as well as on biodiversity. Research has shown that biodiversity is always highest at the edge/interface of two ecosystems. In addition, focus will be laid on the economic attractiveness of planting forest strips which need to provide an extra income for farmers from fruits, berries, nuts, bee pasture, fodder, firewood and/or raw material for basket weaving

Project Snapshot

ADAD Malore (Association de Développement Agricole des Districts de Montagne)
Area Of Work:
Land Degradation
Grant Amount:
US$ 25,240.00
Co-Financing Cash:
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Project Number:
Not active yet

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