Acting locally, thinking globally
Acting locally, thinking globally
Project goal:
capacity building and support for local initiatives of local communities on environmental protection.

Project tasks:
1. Support the initial activities of 13 local initiatives that were considered and approved at the meeting of the Regional Council of 5 districts of the Mogilev region, aimed at addressing environmental issues, increasing the role of the local community in local sustainable development and strengthening the mechanisms of public participation in local development.
2. Facilitate the strengthening of the exchange of experience between local initiatives for mutual support, cooperation, development of new projects and increasing the sustainability of the results achieved.

Results: The next local initiatives supported:
• Creation of a mechanism for the formation of environmental values among local residents and visitors to the microregion.
• "Mountain Treasury"
• Organization of the ecological space - the park on the principles of participatory sustainable development of the territory.
• Preservation of natural diversity, development of the tourism potential of the microregion and the Krasnopolsky district
• Production of textile eco-bags by disabled people with drawings on the environmental issues of the area to attract the attention of residents to the problem of environmental pollution.
• Environmental education of social workers of the institution Krasnopolsky "RCSON" in order to attract the attention of residents of the microregion to the problem of environmental pollution;
• Training and support of local communities in assessing their own potential for development and initiating its implementation in areas (sustainable tourism, sustainable agriculture, inclusive village)
• Raising the level of literacy of the population in gardening
• Contribute to the improvement of the environmental situation in the micro-region of development, through the involvement of government, business, youth, and the public in solving social and environmental problems, raising environmental awareness and creating conditions for the development of creative ideas of "green" business to increase the sustainability of the development of the micro-region.
• Formation of an ecological culture with a different target audience (children, including those with disabilities, their parents, teachers) by involving them in the process of separate collection of secondary waste.
• Creation of an operating facility for the processing of local organic waste by the Klichevsky RCSON institution to train people with disabilities and the elderly in the Klichevsky district in eco-friendly farming
• Creating conditions for the development of cycling infrastructure in the Klichev district, increasing transport mobility and safety of the local population, as well as increasing the tourism potential of the region by increasing the participation of local communities in the management of rural development.
• Informing the population of the Klichev district about the dangers of invasive plants as a way of social adaptation of people with disabilities.
• Combining the efforts of SMEs and the self-employed population in the tourism sector of the Bykhov and Kirov districts to create a competitive
tourism product.


Project Snapshot

Consumer cooperative “Gorskaya treasury”
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 24,430.62
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 24,000.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 5,100.00
Project Number:
Currently under execution

SGP Country office contact

Mr. Yuri Solovjev
+375 17 2995506
+375 17 2995506
Ms Elena Bondarenko
+375 17 299 55 05


room 3, Avangardnaya st. 46,
Minsk, 220037
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