Improving the environment by switching from plastic to environmentally friendly materials in Comrat district
Improving the environment by switching from plastic to environmentally friendly materials in Comrat district
The settlements of ATU Gagauzia are experiencing an acute problem with the disposal of municipal solid waste (MSW), especially a large volume - more than 40% by volume are plastic waste. The classical way of waste disposal (container - garbage truck - landfill - reclamation) today is inefficient and, moreover, potentially dangerous, since even a carefully processed and covered with soil landfill is a source that is harmful to the environment. The region does not have a waste separation system and there are no relevant plans, mechanisms for intersectoral interaction and documents for the implementation of such systems.
The implementation of this project in the Comrat region will provide an opportunity to reduce the environmental burden in Comrat and 12 villages of the region and improve the sanitary situation in the region. The main objective of the project is the environmental cleansing of the environment, by collecting, sorting, preparing plastic waste for recycling by pressing and selling the resulting raw materials for their further use in the processing industries. To effectively achieve the goal of the project, we will conduct a wide information and advocacy campaign to sensitize the population to solving the problem and involve the population of all 13 settlements of the district in the project activities. An additional effect will be the involvement of young people - students of the Theater (performances of social theater), Journalism (blitz polls, posts and articles on social networks) and Pottery (Competition of ceramic products, which will be offered to replace plastic products, fairs, sales, environmental exhibitions) circles of the Comrat House of Creativity, as well as young students from all settlements of the region. The measures taken by the applicants are also aimed at cleaning and disposal of spontaneous dumps in the territory of 12 villages of the district and in the Comrat district through volunteer environmental campaigns and of the activities of institutions for the collection and removal of waste – Municipal Enterprise of Housing and Public Utilities (ME HPU), institutions in the villages of the region. This project will allow local authorities to solve several urgent problems in the Comrat rayon at once - improving the services for the disposal of solid waste, promoting the involvement of civil society in solving environmental problems. We will develop and implement an intersectoral district Action Plan for Comrat – pilot project.
The press for plastic, containers and a vehicle for transporting containers to the landfill in Comrat purchased for the ME HPU will allow the introduction of a new waste disposal system and the creation of new jobs (driver, presser). The project will be implemented in 13 settlements of the Comrat region.
As a continuation of the project and to reproduce best practices, this Intersectoral Action Plan will be a model for the development of such plans for other districts of ATU Gagauzia. Other results obtained are the waste separation mechanism developed, the practices of involving young people, the use of creative methods of working with the population - TV video blitz, social theater performances, promoting the craft creativity of young people (movement: ceramics instead of plastic) - all successful practices of this project will be implemented in the adjacent regions Comrat based on the knowledge and skills acquired and based on long-term agreements with project partners - the House of Creativity, City Halls, and local NGOs.


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