Increasing Awareness on the Impacts of Improper Solid Waste Disposal on Public Health, Livelihoods, and the Marine Environment
Increasing Awareness on the Impacts of Improper Solid Waste Disposal on Public Health, Livelihoods, and the Marine Environment
This project will focus on several components of the previous Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica project, namely the Public Education campaign, the Cleanup Network and Model Communities. A new component focusing on advocacy surrounding updating the solid waste management policy will be added. Raising public awareness will be addressed through the promotion of new and existing audio-visual content and various promotional events to engage with the public on key campaign messaging. Traditional and social media will reach Jamaicans across the island, while promotional events will be targeted in areas with known solid waste management issues, namely Kingston, Montego Bay and Portmore. Through the Cleanup Network, 25 organisations will be provided with kits and guidance for conducting a community cleanup activity, whether coastal or inland.
The main objective of this initiative is to increase public awareness about the impacts of improper solid waste disposal on public health, livelihoods, and the marine environment, and educate the public on practical steps to improve waste management. This initiative is in line with the GEF SGP OP7 Plastic Innovation priority activities. Expected Results are:

• Increased Awareness on the Impacts of Improper Disposal of Waste - through targeted campaigns using traditional and social media, workshops, and promotional events. Also, progress will be made towards the development of solid waste management policy to complement and improve the existing regulations through policy recommendations and meeting with government and private sector stakeholders.
• Improved Citizen Awareness of Solid Waste Issues and Solutions in Targeted Communities – through increased participation in proper solid waste management practices including recycling and cleanup activities. JET expects that these project activities will inspire individuals to take personal responsibility for their waste and take action within their communities in the form of continued community cleanup activities and waste management programmes with the tools given during workshops.
• Improved Garbage Management Infrastructure - through a model community composting and recycling programme. JET aims to impact two communities and approximately 60-80 community members directly while the entire community will potentially be indirectly reached. These activities promote a circular economy within the community. Reducing waste either through cleanup activities or other waste management practices will prevent some garbage from reaching our coastlines via gullies and river, contributing to marine debris. These activities are in line with Goals 3 and 4 of the Jamaica Vision 2030 which speaks to economic development and a healthy natural environment.

Project Snapshot

Jamaica Environment Trust
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US$ 150,000.00
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US$ 150,072.00
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Currently under execution
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Ms Hyacinth Y Douglas
(876) 978-2390-9 ext. 2030


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