“Implementation of the experience of the NGO "Center for Support of Specially Protected Natural Territories of Tajikistan” trout cultivation in the reservoirs of the Vakhsh River”
“Implementation of the experience of the NGO "Center for Support of Specially Protected Natural Territories of Tajikistan” trout cultivation in the reservoirs of the Vakhsh River”
The project is aimed at the conserving and resorting of river fauna, a rainbow endemic species of Trout. UNDP/GEF SGP supported this NGO in 2016 to implement an identical project. The project has been implemented and completed successfully and is currently very stable. Trout is listed in the Red Book of Tajikistan (2015). Considering the accumulated experience, the NGO submitted a project application on the topic of "transfer-knowledge and skills" and scale-up, its extensive experience in trout rearing in other regions of Tajikistan, in particular in the Vakhsh River basin, in the territory of the Nurek district and in the Vakhsh –Boigozi River.

Considering that the Vakhsh River is the largest in the republic and covers a huge territory of the country, and that it is a testing environment for a variety of flora and fauna, demonstration of alternative activities in order to attract additional income for the local population, and reduction of anthropogenic load on the Vakhsh River (poaching, el. fishing rods, etc.) and its resources, by creating small-scale local farms for breeding rainbow river endemic trout fish, creating jobs that are likely to affect the restoration of the natural fauna of the Vakhsh River, especially in the territory of Nurek, where the local population, in particular, are engaged in fishing and selling fish caught in different ways from the Vakhsh River.

Moreover, the project will ensure brood fish and a herd of age-old fingerlings from the Karatag valey to the project site (located in the Nurek district). With purpose of training the newly created fishing farm personnel and dissemination the practice of trout fish cultivation among interested population and stakeholders a capacity building events will be organized.
For this end within the project will prepare of 5-thematic training modules and materials on cultivation of trout fish in the cage fish farming and cascade of trainings including one 2-day workshop and four 3-days workshops will be organized with coverage of 145 local fish cultivating farmers, representatives of the local government agriculture, forestry and environment departments, civil society and private sector.
As a logical continuation of the project, onsite consultation and methodological support to the newly created fish farm personnel will be provided with purpose to increase yields, ensure the strengthening and development of useful skills, improve the management of natural resources and ensure financial security. All these measures will allow farmers to achieve greater self-sufficiency.

Project Snapshot

"Center for Support of Specially Protected Natural Territories of Tajikistan"
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 30,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 250.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 60,885.45
Project Number:
Currently under execution

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Mr. Khurshed Kholov
Ms Surayo Nazirova
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