Building the Capacity of Rural Farmers on Proper Usage of Pesticides and Promoting Climate Smart Agriculture
Building the Capacity of Rural Farmers on Proper Usage of Pesticides and Promoting Climate Smart Agriculture
The project is designed to introduce solutions for rural farmers that are environmentally-friendly and promote sustainable livelihoods within the community of Barrow Kunda, in URR. Community members will understand the effects of hazardous chemicals, pesticides and opening wastes burning and the benefits of locally-produced organic pesticides. Community vegetable gardeners will understand how to produce and use manure-based compost and have access to markets to enhance and increase the productive capacity of the women vegetable gardeners.

Specific objectives

Specifically, the project would encourage farmers to switch from dangerous chemical pesticides to safer natural alternatives that can be locally-produced.

• Hence, it will support the rehabilitation an abandoned 2-hectare community garden with better water access using solar energy. Women will also be supported with garden inputs such as seeds, wheelbarrows etc.
• The project would promote sound management of chemical pesticides and fertilizer while minimizing its significant adverse effects on human health and global environment. The targeted community of Barrow Kunda, the women gardeners use a lot of chemical fertilizers thanks to its proximity to Sare Ngai, which has the largest LUMO (weekly market) in Upper River Region.
• Communities would also be sensitize to avoid open burning of waste to avoid untended released of POPs and would have a better understanding of POPs toxicity and impact in human and ecological health. A site will be identified within the garden for gathering of waste and other raw materials to be used for composting.
• Finally, the project will contribute to the attainment of gender mainstreaming by ensuring gender responsiveness while promoting equal access to socio-economic benefits and services , equal access and control of natural resources thus promoting equal participation in decision making in environmental planning and governance at community level.

Project Activities

The following are the main planned activities, and where there should be sub activities, as specified in the approved work plan and budget.

1. To train of 25 women farmers on production of locally-made and handling organic pesticides.
2. To train 25 women community gardeners on making manure-based compost fertilizers and its application methods as trainers
3. Digging of a borehole and installation of solar pump system;
4. Construction of water reservoirs.
5. Training of young women on operation of pumps and maintenance of solar panels.
6. Rehabilitation of community vegetable market.
7. Supply of Garden Inputs (seeds and tools) to Women.
8. Monitoring and Evaluation (Mid-term review and final review and reporting)
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Project Snapshot

Beakanyang Kafoo
Area Of Work:
Climate Change Mitigation
Grant Amount:
US$ 35,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 1,500.00
Project Number:
Not active yet

SGP Country office contact

Mr Kebba L Jarju


UN HOUSE, 5 Kofi Annan Street, Cape Point
Bakau, West Africa