Pilot Zooning and Management in Mugla
Pilot Zooning and Management in Mugla
Coastal areas are always one of the areas with the highest demand and rent pressure, both globally and in Turkey. Therefore, human activities and usage pressures are high on the coasts where there are sensitive ecosystems. It is not surprising that our country has faced protection and management problems, especially in the last 40 years, in terms of natural habitats and landscape values.

The project area is the Fethiye Bay region, one of the most critical coastal areas of Mu?la. One of the places where terrestrial, coastal, and marine biodiversity is richest in Turkey is the Fethiye Bay region, which also has the status of Key Biodiversity Areas (KBA). The coastal areas here have a wide variety of natural habitats, including wooded and scrub coasts, rocky cliffs, beaches, coastal wetlands, and lagoons. In the sea areas, there are sections that reach from shallow waters to medium depths and even 1500 meters inside and offshore the Gulf of Fethiye. The fact that it is the place where most of the pelagic seabirds and different whale species are observed in Turkey highlights how valuable the Fethiye Bay region is in terms of the marine ecosystem. There are approximately 100 km of undisturbed habitat and landscape coastal areas, including forests, scrub and rocky areas, and coastal wetlands with a length of approximately 5 km in the region. Other coasts are heavily used by socio-economic sectors. These include existing settlements and new development zones having an expansion tendency with construction projects, holiday villages, beaches, water sports, coastal facilities, and swimming areas. The project area covers Fethiye AKDEN?Z 004 KBA and Babada? AKDEN?Z 005 KBA Key Biodiversity Areas, as well as Fethiye-Göcek Special Protected Area. The zoning area in the project covers approximately 126 km of coastline and 11 islands.
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Underwater Research Society
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US$ 44,000.00
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US$ 35,450.00
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Currently under execution

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