Promotion of Seascape Policies in Aegean and Mediterranean Costs
Promotion of Seascape Policies in Aegean and Mediterranean Costs
Volkan Narc?, an activist with 10 years of experience as a scuba diver and instructor, captain and manager of the Marmara Sea Rabbit Island marine protected area, has worked on ecosystem-based conservation projects and founded the Marine Life Conservation Society (DYKD) and is currently working on the sustainable protection of future marine life of the Marmara Sea. Works with DYKD, volunteers living in the area and members of the association; in restoration of Turkey's first coral reefs, in effort to reintroduce the broken branches of corals in the Marmara Sea to the ecosystem by coral transplantation on the rabbit island which broken due to construction, waste, overfishing (industrial hunting - purse seines), fishing rods and hoeing. Pursues the project of finding and cleaning ghost nets on the seabed; In the Marmara Sea, which has a sensitive and fragile ecosystem, activities are carried out to remove the ghost nets from the seabed, which continues to hunt passively on the seabed after fishing around the Prince Islands. After a 6-year struggle, consequence of efforts together with its stakeholders (fisher cooperatives, NGOs, city councils, related public institutions, universities) the first and only marine protected area of the Marmara Sea, “Rabbit Island conservation and administrative projects declared as a sensitive area that needs to be protected. Again, for the subject area, activities were carried out to create written and visual resources, records, database (photo and video exhibitions, interviews, the book of prince islands and the miracles of the underwater world, documentaries). He also specializes in coastal, forest and seabed cleaning to raise awareness, the execution of voluntary projects with the private sector in species identification and investigation projects for the marine ecosystem and Rabbit Island. Sustainability adventure, a 2 months program; from Marmara to Ka? with 45.2 feet Jeanneau Sun Odyssey sailing boat, which covers diving in different locations to observe and record Mediterranean Sea life, publishing a book on the subject, holding an exhibition by cleaning the seabed with the artists, and visiting different fishermen's cooperatives. It is aimed to keep the Mediterranean marine culture alive and to ensure its sustainability through awareness activities for the same cultures as the seas and for the future marine life. In addition, it is obvious that Mediterranean marine life is affected by global warming and climate change. Although the Black Sea above has a temperature difference of 23 °C in summer and 8 °C in winter due to the osinocratic structure of the Marmara Sea, the Mediterranean water 25 meters below the Marmara Sea remains constant at 14C-15C in summer and winter which creates an environment of shelter and protection for Mediterranean marine life. The project has been planned with the aim of revealing that the future Mediterranean marine life in the Marmara Sea is also in the Marmara Sea.

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Adalar Denizle Ya?am ve Spor Kulübü Derne?i
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 7,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 17,000.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 53,000.00
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Currently under execution

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