Small scaled solar renewable energy project
Small scaled solar renewable energy project
Nikunau is a rural living environment located on the outer island situated in the Southern part of Kiribati. Tion Uean Baun Tokanikain Tabomatang community is situated at Tabomatang village consisting of more than 20 households and about 50 individual members of the community.

The high dependency on fuel consumption is very high on NIkunau Island. Tion Uean Baun Tokanikan Tabomatang Community consumes about more than 10 litres per day of fuel to support fund raising activities of community members. Nevertheless, the shortage of fuel on the island sometimes affects the operation of their activities as most appliances which generate the revenue rely on the electricity that has been mostly powered by generators.

The project will introduce the solar renewable energy which may allow the shift from the usage of fuel to the use of solar technologies powered by the sun. All appliances KUC Tabomatang has including lights, washing machines, deep freezer and so forth will be electrified by the solar energy. Solar panels will be installed on top of the roof of the KUC Minister’s building which is located in close proximity to the KUC Tabomatang Maneaba.

About 6kW available solar power will be converted to 230Vac via the solar inverter. A portion of this power is directly consumed by the appliances through the main switchboard, while the excess power is used to charge the batteries. Lights and socket outlets will be electrically fed from the main switchboards, whereas, appliances like washing machines, freezers and fans will get access to electricity via socket outlets.
Based on the warranty conditions, the lifespans of such crucial components are estimated below:
1. Solar panels: up to 30yrs
2. Solar inverters: 5yrs
3. Inverter/charger: 10yrs
4. Lithium batteries: 15yrs
The Community’s fund raising will assist in the disposal management if any busted components discovered.

Project Snapshot

Tion Uean Baun Tokanikain Tabomatang Incorporated Society
Area Of Work:
Climate Change Mitigation
Grant Amount:
US$ 27,409.00
Co-Financing Cash:
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 27,533.69
Project Number:
Not active yet

SGP Country office contact

Ms Taouea REIHER


UN Joint Presence Office, Kabutikeke
Bikenibeu, Tarawa