Climate Change with Kids’involvement
Climate Change with Kids’involvement
CO2 emitted from fossil fuel consumption is the major cause of climate change created by humans. Climate change is causing serious problems in our country as it is causing problems in the world. Last year there were forest fires in several regions of the county and thousands of trees were burnt to ashes, yet in other parts of the country several people were killed because of the flooding, the escalating drought is affecting agriculture and animal breeding in a negative way and biodiversity is decreasing every day. In spite of this adverse picture there are no serious steps taken, neither in our country, nor abroad, to lessen the effects of climate change. The future of children and young people is being destroyed by adults.

In the proposed project, a group of experts will develop a curriculum in 6 different areas (climate, seeds, insects, compost, vegetables-fruits, animals) and the children after following this curriculum will gain climate and biodiversity literacy which will affect their future lives in two essential areas, climate change and biodiversity, their awareness will increase and they may influence their parents in indirect ways about their future. At first 20 Eco Guides, university graduates/students who are selected from different departments will be trained with this curriculum-training of trainers. Then these Eco Guides, under the supervision of experts, will practice this curriculum with 320, 60-72-month age children from 14 Çankaya Municipality kindergartens, in the MoniBostan fields. The children will practice growing seedlings from seeds, and witness the growth of produce from seedlings. In addition, they will observe compost making, insect hotel, vegetable and landscape plots. While doing the field work they will be informed about the importance of water and water conservation, how to reduce waste, to become prosumer instead of consumer and good nutrition habits and so on. They will share their experiences with their parents and contribute to improve their awareness in these areas.

Upon completion of the field work ‘Nature Based Education Festival’, with a broad participation will be organized. Different phases of the project will be documented and will be shared through media and social media to a wider population.

When the first phase of the project is completed the Eco Guides will train the new Eco Guides. So the steps for the sustainability of the project will be taken.


Project Snapshot

Dunya Yasasin Dernegi
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 25,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 12,674.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 13,412.06
Project Number:
Currently under execution

SGP Country office contact

Ms. Gokmen Argun
90-312 4541131
90-312 4961463
Ms Basak Okay
+90312 454 11 32


Yildiz Kule, Yukari Dikmen Mahallesi, Turan Gunes Bulvari, No:106, 06550, Cankaya,
Ankara, RBEC, 06610

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