Sustainable Marine Transport in OCK Meeting
Sustainable Marine Transport in OCK Meeting
Under tourism pressure, sea transportation in Köyce?iz-Dalyan Special Environmental Protection Zone damages the marine and terrestrial ecosystem.Approximately 500 boats carry tourists every day during the 7-month tourist season on the 12-kilometer-long Dalyan canal, which starts from the end of Köyce?iz Lake and extends to Iztuzu beach.All of these boats are powered by fossil fuels. Bilge waters cause intense pollution, Caretta cerattas are injured due to the fact that their propellers are not in cages, noise pollution that damages living things due to their work with fossil fuels occurs, and the length of the reeds has decreased from 2-3 meters before before and now to 1 meter.
The aim of the project is to raise legal, institutional and social awareness and to support the realization of necessary regulation and infrastructure works for the spread of the use of electric boats that provide their energy from the sun by conveying the effects and damages of fossil fuel boats that damage the natural ecosystem in protected wetlands. In this context, activities regarding boat transportation in protected areas in Turkey, primarily in Mu?la, will be carried out within the scope of creating public opinion by bringing the issues to be considered in boat transportation in protected areas to the agenda.

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