Investing In Youth And Children As Stewards To Build Sustainable Communities In Sabah
Investing In Youth And Children As Stewards To Build Sustainable Communities In Sabah
The Covid-19 pandemic exposed weak community preparedness to respond to the crisis and poor sanitation and living standards at Pulau Omadal that facilitate the spread of disease. Left unattended, current environmental and social conditions can potentially aggravate future outbreaks. This project will address the identified gaps by: i) fostering community capacity to manage sanitation and health risks; ii) empowering children and youth by increasing marine stewardship and to use media as advocacy and education tools and to enhance economic opportunities

Specifically, we will engage with the residents of Malaysian and stateless fishing communities on Omadal to pilot a demonstration waste disposal system to affect behavioral change in trash disposal; equip community members with knowledge to recognise and seek appropriate health interventions; integrate marine stewardship in ongoing literacy classes for children, and train youth to use media as a platform for cultural expression, advocacy, education and extra income generation.

Together these strategies address the thematic categories of i) help prevent zoonoses and future pandemics; ii) communication and lessons sharing through culturally appropriate means; and iii) local bio-circular economy approaches based on reciprocity. The strategies will improve on the lack of waste management and of resources for the residents to manage health risks, and mitigate the consequences of engrained social marginalisation.

We expect the pilot waste management system to achieve increased cleanliness on Omadal that will help to reduce physical hazards, pathways for disease transmission, and marine pollution in the long-term. The expected outcome of our health campaign is greater understanding and preparedness to deal with health risks especially Covid-19, increased practice of good hygiene among residents and understanding the importance of childhood vaccination. Finally, we anticipate that Malaysian and stateless youth will gain self-esteem through the acquisition of media skills and its application for cultural expression, advocacy, education and to generate extra income.

The synergistic benefits to environmental and human health that are likely to arise will build socio-ecological resilience at Omadal. Thus, our project delivers on two important criteria for ICCA-GSI projects: i) supports indigenous fishing communities otherwise marginalised from government services; and ii) provides enabling factors for communities to cope with environmental and health risks, especially in response to Covid-19.

Project Snapshot

Persatuan Pendidikan Bajau Laut (Iskul Sama DiLaut Omadal)
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 30,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 17,533.75
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 1,512.25
Project Number:
Currently under execution
Project Characteristics and Results
Inovative Financial Mechanisms
Knowledge capture, sharing and dissemination in project phases: Project design - Identification and recruitment of Iskul team members for project roles and responsibilities - Integration of Iskul team members’ on the ground experience to guide project approach - Inclusion of community stakeholders in project planning - Regular scheduled team meetings via Zoom to discuss project progress, challenges, and feedback - Online data storage drive created to share project files, meeting notes, photos, progress reports among team members and partners, and to act as an information repository Project implementation - Project activities updated on instagram, facebook and website, videos uploaded to youtube - Meetings with community and on-site collaborators to obtain feedback that will be used to improve the course of the project - Progress indicators for each project component to be tracked, documented, and filed in quarterly report Project conclusion: - Lessons learnt and best practices documented in technical report - Knowledge disseminated through social media (instagram, facebook, website) to the public - Delivery to other end users: for the local community, in-person communication in the local Bajau language; for local government and potential collaborators, a series of project briefs highlighting key project achievements will be used in future expansion opportunities
Promoting Public Awareness of Global Environment
Project milestones will be posted to the Iskul website, facebook, and instagram. These platforms will be constantly updated with output from specific activities (e.g. arts performances, student videos) as well as project indicators. These documentations along with a final project technical report containing detailed approaches, methodologies and project outcomes will ensure that project results can be replicated in the future in different communities.

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