Building The Capacity of the Disabled Community in Addressing Climate Change
Building The Capacity of the Disabled Community in Addressing Climate Change
Building the Capacity of the Disabled Community in Addressing Climate Change. Since the foundation of the disabled center in Jacob town, there has been no sufficient funds to carry out immediate and adequate of recruiting, and training disabled in Liberia to empower them. There has been limited access to formal education, skills training, careering development, employment opportunities amongst many other. Currently there are no working staff all due to lack of funds. The government does not have less funding mechanism in place to build the capacities of the disabled and other less fortunate youths. The issue of electricity has also been a greater challenge since the establishment of the center. It has been over fifty years since the foundation of the disabled center yet electrification is nowhere in sight. It is against this background that this project was initiated. The UNDP through UNOPS under the GEF SGP provided funding to this center a year ago which facilitated the provision of safe drinking water using solar panels. The current project is aimed protecting the environment and ensuring that underprivileged groups have sustainable incomes. The project will build the capacities of beneficiaries through a full computer training program for disabled and others. There will be sustained lightening at the disabled center at all times, the project will procure additional solar panels to enable the lighting and training for the disabled center, respectively. The project will hire professional to install the solar system and set up a modern computer lab. Computers will be procured for a computer lab. The computer training program will build the capacity of the disabled for a livelihood in computer literacy and train others to manage the solar system.

WHEREAS the National Steering Committee (the “National Steering Committee”), to which GEF SGP has delegated the authority to select and approve projects and allocate funding, has, at a meeting held on November 2, 2021 the NSC approved the project, details of which are set out at Annex A, and the budget as set out in Annex B, and agreed to the allocation of funds to LOCAL Organization.

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Project Snapshot

Mission of Hope for the Disabled (MHD)
Area Of Work:
Climate Change Mitigation
Grant Amount:
US$ 50,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 10,000.00
Project Number:
Currently under execution
Project Characteristics and Results
Promoting Public Awareness of Global Environment
Knowledge transfer and capacity building based on personal involvement of local people are at the heart of this project and hence dissemination is an integral aspect of what is planned.
Significant Participation of Indigenous Peoples
Local Environmental Volunteer Groups will be trained in effective environmental education techniques.
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SGP Country office contact

Mr. Samuel Boakai
Mrs. Gboryonon B. Zarbupoo


C/O UNDP Office, UN Drive, 1000 Monrovia 10,
Monrovia, West Africa
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