Preparation of draft bylaws arising from the regulation on the extended producer responsibility and management of packaging and packaging waste
Preparation of draft bylaws arising from the regulation on the extended producer responsibility and management of packaging and packaging waste
We believe that with this project proposal we will contribute to the GEF SGP principles related to effectiveness, transparency, and decentralization.
Namely, the preparation of the draft bylaws arises from the new legislation in the field of waste management. The basic law that regulates waste management in the Republic of North Macedonia is the Law on Waste Management (WWM) ("Official Gazette of RM" No. 68/04, 71/04, 107/07, 102/08, 134/08, 09/11, 123/12, 147/13, 163/13, 51/15, 146/15, 156 / 15,192 / 15, 29/16 and 63/16). This law establishes the basic obligation for extended producer responsibility for the products put on the market that creates waste that belongs to the special waste streams, namely packaging waste, waste of electrical and electronic equipment, and waste of batteries and accumulators.
The management of these special waste streams is regulated by the Law on Packaging and Packaging Waste, the Law on Management of Electrical and Electronic Equipment and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, the Law on Management of Batteries and Accumulators and Waste Batteries and Accumulators. These laws were harmonized with the relevant directives of the European Union, which started with the implementation and achievement of goals that contributed to the fulfillment of their EU efforts but also to the global efforts to reduce waste generation, as well as to achieve a higher level of waste utilization.
Based on the above laws in the Republic of North Macedonia, several systems have been established for the collective or independent treatment of special waste streams that implement the obligations of producers arising from these laws and especially related to achieving national targets for the collection of special waste streams, for reuse purposes, as well as recovery and recycling.
The implementation of these laws so far has shown that in the Republic of North Macedonia there is a potential for waste collection belonging to special streams, as well as its proper processing and recycling. At the same time, it turned out that, in addition to the already mentioned special waste streams, perceiving the modern trends, there is potential for inclusion of other streams, such as waste oils, textile waste, waste car tires, and the like. At the same time, it was realized that the current system has certain weaknesses that are primarily related to the existence of working conditions that are different for individual waste streams, which creates an opportunity to distort competition and the market. Insufficient regulation of the work of collective actors was also noticed as a weak point, especially in the part of the manner of using the funds received from the compensation they receive from the producers. All this situation has imposed the need for more detailed regulation of the operation of collective and independent systems for dealing with specific waste streams and the establishment of a single way of their regulation which will avoid the possibility of distorting competition and the market.
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