Monitoring of ICCAs Project in Tanzania
Monitoring of ICCAs Project in Tanzania
2.0 Context
Indigenous Community Conserved Area (ICCAs) defined as "natural and/or modified ecosystems containing significant biodiversity values and ecological services, voluntarily conserved by (sedentary and mobile) indigenous and local communities, through customary laws or other effective means"(IUCN World Parks Congress Recommendation V26, 2003). They are spaces de facto governed by indigenous peoples or local communities through their local knowledge, norms and practices with evidently positive outcomes for the conservation of biological and cultural diversity. These areas are called Indigenous Community Conserved Areas and Territory for Life (ICCAs).
The Global Indigenous and Community Conserved Areas and Territories Support Initiative (ICCA GSI) in collaboration with the GEF Small Grants Program provides support to territories and areas, which are conserved by indigenous peoples and local communities around the world. Tanzania Natural Resources Forum (TNRF) a membership-based organization is the recognized national ICCA catalyst organization that through this initiative strengthened and supported ICCAs members, partners and communities to effectively engage in the management and conservation of the ICCAs in Tanzania. TNRF identified the ICCAs and charted out a framework to support the indigenous communities which are already investing their resources in ensuring the areas they have set aside continue to provide their Livelihoods while meeting the national and global Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) objectives. TNRF developed dta baseof potentila ICCAs in the country and alos built capacity of members on self-strengthening process. Since 2017 to date TNRF in collaboration with UNDP will recruit 13 ICCAs community-based projects with Innovative, replicable and scale-up elements that support self-strengthening and sustainability of ICCAs. These projects were support and created impacts lessons for replication and community benefits. In 2021, TNRF recruited other 12 ICCAs projects that will contribute in securing land tenure, pasture improvements, rangeland management and improved water access to pastoralist community and documentation and dissemination of indigenous knowledge into Conservation. All these project are contributing to enhance biodiversity conservation, improved sustainable livelihood and gender within ICCAs.
TNRF designed project that coordinate and monitoring of active 12 ICCAs projects and 13 phased out projects for sustainable and delivery. This project intends to build the capacity of trusted partners that acquired funds from GSI-ICCA to implement community-based projects, and also to support monitoring and evaluation and financial verifications of each ICCAs project. The project also intends to promote ICCAs in various levels and establish ICCAs networks in Tanzania and link with regional and global ICCAs networks
2.1 About the Proponent:
The Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF) is a network organization registered in 2006 as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), with the aim of promoting the improvement of natural resource governance to achieve more sustainable rural livelihoods and better conservation outcomes. TNRF works for improved natural resources governance by helping to bridge the gap between i) People’s local natural resource management needs and practices, and ii) National natural resource management priorities, policies, laws and programs
TNRF has more about 6,000 members originate from the core sectors (wildlife, forestry, land). TNRF membership includes CSOs, CBOs research institutions, community groups, academia, grassroots coalitions, networks and individuals. TNRF has done a lot of community development interventions that have generated enormous developmental impact on wildlife conservation and Tourism sector. TNRF has been able to create a significant trust and positive image to its stakeholders, including local PSOs, NGOs, CBOs, and the Government and the donor community including emerge as a strong player in shaping and influencing natural resources management and conservation policy landscape specifically wildlife conservation, and tourism and coordinating numbers of working groups in Tanzania ie Wildlife Working group. View
To achieve its vision and mission, TNRF coordinate numbers of five active working groups in Tanzania including: 1) Land based Investment Working Group (LBIWG), 2) Wildlife Working Group (WWG), 3) Tanzania forestry Learning Working Group( FLWG), 4) Joint Advocacy Task force ( JAT), and 5)Indigenous Community Conserved Areas in Tanzania.
3.0. Project’s Primary Objective:
? To monitor ICCAs projects, Document and disseminate Lessons Learned and Results accomplished in completed projects by ICCAs members that are working and support ICCAs in Tanzania and promoting scaling of community-based projects with Innovative, replicable and scale-up elements May 2022.
3.1 Specific objectives.
1. Build capacity of 24 ICCAs project facilitators to strengthen the capacity of relevant ICCA beneficiaries.
2. Coordinate and monitor the implementation of 25 ICCAs projects(11 new active and 13 phased out) to make sure that what they are doing is in line with agreed beneficiaries (relevant communities in the project) needs.
3. Document lessons learnt, best-practices, case studies, successes from the projects and share them within relevant projects.
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