Forest, Water and Environment conservation by using indigenous knowledge
Forest, Water and Environment conservation by using indigenous knowledge
Demand for increased use of Traditional Ecological Knowledge in addressing ecological, biodiversity conservation, and sustainable resource use has in recent years become a suitable way of addressing current threats of deterioration of natural resources and the global challenge of climate change which is hitting hard indigenous peoples and generally the global community. Despite this, little is known of how existing indigenous knowledge could be used to resource use conflicts and plan for sustainable conservation practices to sustain indigenous forests, Water and Environment and other natural resources including rangeland. Loliondo Forests in Ngorongoro District is a good example of forests that is managed by Maasai community by using traditional knowledge. The Maasai of the Ngorongoro District of northern Tanzania established the Enguserosambu Forest Conservation and Development Trust EFT in 2012 to manage their community forest lands on behalf of four Maasai villages namely Enguserosambu, Ng’arwa, Orkiu-Juu, and Naan. In Monduli Engaruka and Selela wards and In Longido Engarenaibor and Kimokuo Orbomba villages Therefore the project is going to a document these Tradition Knowledge and shared these experience and practices to a large audience as tool for advocacy for forest, rangeland, water and environment conservation through Tradition Knowledge

About the Proponent:
MEDIA AID FOR INDIGENOUS AND PASTORALIST COMMUNITY (MAIPAC) is an organization formed by journalists to empower Indigenous and pastoralist community who are victims of historical injustices as a result of their colonization and dispossession of their lands, territories, and resources, thus preventing them from exercising, in particular, their rights to development in accordance with their own needs and interest. The organization is registered with registration No.00NGO/R/1485 as a Non-Governmental Organization under the Non-Governmental Organizations Act, No. 24 of 2002 as amended from time to time. It operates at the National. Under this project MAIPAC will collaborate with District council in collaboration with the following partners CIVIC AND LEGAL AID ORGANIZATION(CILAO), Pastoral Livelihood Support and Empowerment Program (PALSEP), and Pastoralists Indigenous Non-Governmental Organization's Forum9PINGOs Forum). CILAO is a non-governmental, not for profit, autonomous nonpartisan civil society organization that seeks to promote and protect Democracy, Rule of Law, Human Rights, Freedom of Media and Women Rights.. PALiSEP is a Non-governmental Organization operating in Ngorongoro. The project will work closely with PALISEP in identification of community members who will participate in the project implementation and will share their experience and knowledge on engagement of the community in similar project. PINGOs FORUM (is an advocacy coalition of indigenous peoples' organizations who are currently 53, working in Tanzania for the rights of the marginalized indigenous pastoralists and Hunter-gatherers communities. The project will make use of its members to make detailed documentation of indigenous knowledge and how it contributes to the conservation initiatives in Tanzania

Overall objective
To document and share the Traditional Knowledge and management systems from three districts of Ngorongoro, Monduli and Longido that used to enhance protection water catchment areas forestry conservation, rangeland management to increase environmental literacy for sustainable conservation.

i. To document the traditional knowledge and management systems inherent in the cultural responsibilities of the community elders in the Maasai community three districts through, filming production of video documentaries, and production of publications
ii. To raise awareness and share learning with 3000 direct community members and 100,000 members of the public on traditional Knowledge natural resource management systems

Project Snapshot

Media Aid for Indigenous and Pastoralist Communty
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