Promotion of recycling with social inclusion of marginalized women / girls in the Polog Region
Promotion of recycling with social inclusion of marginalized women / girls in the Polog Region
In 2019, the State Audit Office Report “Effective Treatment and Management of Plastic Waste”, indicated that around 632,000.00 tons of communal waste was collected in Macedonia; 9,100 tons of which (1.4%) was plastic waste; only 1% of the entire communal waste was recycled. We are being bombarded on a daily basis from all types of media regarding the increased pollution of the city of Tetovo and the surrounding populated areas, where the air pollution is on a high level, as well as the pm10 and pm2.5 particle concentrations. The waste from the City of Tetovo is transported to the landfill RUSINO – Gostivar, but prior to that, it is being collected in the re-loading station located near the central city area. Often is the case when the waste containers are not emptied out due to communal worker strikes and winds disperse the waste all over the city. Common knowledge is the waste plastic requires 100 years to be dissolved and therefore it is not to be burned and pollute the environment, but collected, sorted, selected and recycled instead. The final step is to produce new plastic products for everyday living.
Due to the aforementioned, our project partially solves the problems in City of Tetovo and the surrounding populated areas, the social inclusion of women in recycling leading to larger economic growth, and an increased number of employments and gender balance.
Beside trained and employed 4-four women/girls, the other trained women-girls involved in the project, members of NGO Skilled Woman will receive material-parts from private company Bogdanovski Plast with which they will assemble plastic curtains for doors, or for other plastic products, and for that they will receive compensation for the work done.
The women in the Poloshki region are faced with various stereotypes and traditions; they are being stigmatized, without equal rights during training and employment; and they still don’t have their rights and gender equality in the 21st century, even though the city had a woman Mayor two years ago.
Our project will result in 35% reduced emission of the poisonous POPs particles, dust reduction as well as the PM10 and PM 2.5 particle reception in the urban area, plastic waste reduction – 20 tons of selected and recycled plastic waste, employment reduction - 4 women operators socially inclusive and from various groups will be trained and employed.
Other project results would be: familiarization of the entire population of the City of Tetovo (52,915 citizens) with the concept of promoting recycling by socially including marginalized women in the Poloski region and its future practice; 30 women from the Poloshki region educated and trained by the company BOGDANOVSKI PLAST – village Neproshteno, 50 people (men and women) waste plastic collectors; 4 women trained and employed (members of various socially excluded groups), 1 innovative machine with new MARS 2 technology for waste plastic processing and production of new plastic products with added value. The project activities will include members of various socially excluded groups.
---Women = 18, Girls = 22
---Local population of Tetovo = 52,915 citizens


-Continuous reduction of the gap during employment by geneder equality
-5 % Employment reduction in the Municipality of Tetovo.
-Increased awearness of the entire population regarding the condition of the socially endangered women from everyday life.
-Procurment and installation of inovative machine for recycling waste plastic and manufacturing new plastic products for the market.


- 4-four marginalized women trained and employed as operators,
- Included 36 women/girls in assembly of plastical parts into final plastic product,
- 20-twenty tones collected, selected and recycled waste plastic,
- 35% reduced emission of POPs,
- 105,000kg CO2 reduced with the new technology for recycling of the waste plastic,
- Inovative machine with new MARS 2 technology for recycling waste plastic,
-2-two Communities (Tetovo and Neproshteno) will work together in the raising public awareness for good waste managemet

MAIN PROJECT GOAL: Promoting and raising public awareness for plastic waste management

Specific Project Goals:

1. Promotion and raise of awareness for reduction of waste plastic with the help of recycling and inclusion of marginalized women though their direct participation in the process.

2. Organized collection, sorting, crushing, grinding, recycling and training for waste plastic until the final new plastic product.

3. Local Economy Development

Project Snapshot

Vesta Zena
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 24,990.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 36,795.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 26,201.00
Project Number:
Project activities completed, final reports pending
Number of women participated / involved in SGP project 40
WHO-TEQ (Toxic Equivalency)/year reduction into the environment or elimination of U-POPs namely Dioxins, Furans and PCBs (Poly-chlorinated biphenyls) through the SGP project 20

SGP Country office contact

Mr. Zlatko Samardziev
Ms Melita Ivanova


Majka Tereza 15/6
Skopje, 1000