Community water supply scheme and conseRvation of watershed at Paradiso village, Mbinga district, Ruvuma Region
Community water supply scheme and conseRvation of watershed at Paradiso village, Mbinga district, Ruvuma Region
Context/Project Rationale:

• Paradiso Village has no reliable water supply source
• The nearest water supply point is at a river called, Askofu. There is another river called Mngaka. Both rivers are 5 to 8 kms from the village
• During rainy season, water is fetched in hand-dug wells within the village. This water is normally contaminated. If it is not boiled; it becomes a major source of diarrhoeal diseases.
• During dry season, hand-dug wells dry up. Therefore, women and young girls are forced to walk 5 to 8 kms, spending 4 to 5 hours to fetch water
• While there are other villages with the same predicament, the Village Government has submitted this proposal in response to the SGP Call for Proposal
• In their submission, which is supported by the District Government, the Village Government is committed to implementing this project by contributing their labour
• Furthermore, the Village Government is committed to planting 10,000 trees along the banks of rivers Askofu and Mngaka in order to conserve the watershed for sustainable supply of water
• Considering the magnitude of the problem, which is facing mainly women in this village, the project is worth supporting

About the Proponent:

• This is a Village Government
• It was established in 1980
• It has a population of 5,196 people. 2,340 are males while 2,856 are females
• Majority of the local communities are subsistence farmers. Due to lack of modern agricultural inputs and implements, agricultural production is low. As a result, poverty levels are high

Project Objective:

To promote clean and safe drinking water to local communities totalling 5,196.

Secondary Objectives:

• To reduce the workload on the part of 2,856 women of walking 5 to 8 kms to fetch water during dry season.
• To reduce water-borne diseases to adults as well as children due to the wide-spread of contaminated water particularly during rainy season.
• To conserve rivers Askofu and Mngaka by planting 10,000 trees along the banks of the two rivers

Implementation Strategies:

• To establish a water intake at river Askofu 7km from the village. See google map
• With supervision by the District Engineer, construct a gravity main from the intake to the reservoir tank
• Install 5 poly tanks each with the capacity of 10,000lts
• Install a solar-powered water pump of 4,25 kilowatts
• Provide distribution mains measuring 10,171 metres and 11 public water drawing points.
• Strengthen the water committee through training to increase their over-sight capacity. The committee will have equal numbers of men and women with a women chair.
• Build the capacity of two villagers. A man and woman to undergo on the job training to water technician level. The two technicians would be paid allowances by the Village
Government and will be responsible for O & M.
• Raise 10,000 tree seedlings in the project nursery for transplanting on the riverbank by the two rivers

Anticipated Project Results:

• A total of 5,196 people, 2,340 males and 2,856 females will have access to clean and safe water on sustainable basis
• Water borne diseases in the village will be reduced by over 90%
• Workload on the part of 2,856 women will be reduced as a result of easy access to clean and safe water
• Use of solar-powered pump will contribute to climate change mitigation. Total amount of carbon to be avoided will have to be determined.
• Conservation of the two rivers of Askofu and Mngaka will be enhanced through the planting of over 10,000 trees among its banks.


Project Snapshot

Paradiso Village Government
Area Of Work:
Land Degradation
Grant Amount:
US$ 49,869.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 9,974.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 2,597.00
Project Number:
Currently under execution

SGP Country office contact

Faustine Donald Ninga


UNDP P.O. Box 9182
Dar es Salaam, Dar es salaam Region, 255-22