Promoting Best Farming Practices that Protect and Conserve Biodiversity and EnhanceEnvironmental Sustainability
Promoting Best Farming Practices that Protect and Conserve Biodiversity and EnhanceEnvironmental Sustainability
The overall essence of this project is to enhance resilience of rural farmers and develop mindset that protects and conserves the ecosystems for future generations whose interest is being compromised by actions of the present thereby reducing, if not stopping, the widespread deforestation, de-vegetation, land and forest degradation and destruction of water catchment forest. The project will not only build the knowledge of farmers and community dwellers about Biodiversity conservation through the conduct of capacity building workshops but also willenhance resilience of rural farmers through the establishment and running of sustainable livelihood improvement initiatives within four farming communities ( Tututa, Kpannahlolo, Monukpayan and Brokpalpn ) in Pleemu Clan, Todee Satutary District, Monsterradoto County, to ensure a complete theory of change that enables the farmers to farm sustainably, enhance sustained income thus ensuring that protocols protecting harmful actions against the environment are respected and enforceable.It is structured, amongst other things to promote best farming practices with delibrate intention to reduce, if not eradicate, shifting-cultivation, one of the drivers of deforestation and land degradation.At the end of Ten months, the project will establish and run one integrated Domonstration farm (using old farm spot) comprising plantains, pepper seedling, Gardnen eggs, okra seeds, Corn, Pumkins, Cassava, as well pigry, Snail shed, and Beekeeping to ensure sustainable utilization of farm land and as well protect and conserve the nature and natural resources. Beneficiaries of this project will also be trained into contemporary Cooperative principles, policy and practices to see farming and financial cooperatives as part of the sustainable solutions.

As pilot, this project is expected to directly benefit 65 rural farmers (80% female farmers and 20% male farmers) who shall become drivers of change and serve as channels to provide onward education to ensure that every community member within the Todee Statutory District, Montserrado County is not left behind.curtailing people’s dependence on forest resources by encouraging stabilization of farming through improved Agriculture Techniques and diversification of other Livelihood activities.
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Project Snapshot

Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 30,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 3,000.00
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Notable Community Participation
An in-depth consultation has already taken place, with discussions beginning in 2020 with community and stakeholders representative. This proposal has evolved as a direct result of that consultation process and a pre-project development visit which was undertaken from September by the project team
Promoting Public Awareness of Global Environment
Knowledge transfer and capacity building based on personal involvement of local people are at the heart of this project and hence dissemination is an integral aspect of what is planned.
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SGP Country office contact

Mr. Samuel Boakai
Mrs. Gboryonon B. Zarbupoo


C/O UNDP Office, UN Drive, 1000 Monrovia 10,
Monrovia, West Africa