Improvement of degraded lands by planting forests with high added value in Varzaresti locality, Nisporeni district
Improvement of degraded lands by planting forests with high added value in Varzaresti locality, Nisporeni district
The territory of Varz?re?ti commune, Nisporeni district has a soil quality of 41 points, with soils that are characterized by a very low level of fertility. Erosion processes are developed on an area of over 300 ha, there are landslides and ravines with a depth of up to 10 meters. The total of eroded (washed) soils on Varz?re?ti territory represents 40%, and the poorly eroded soils - 21%. Therefore, one cannot expect good agricultural production on these lands, but the food security and the standard of living of the population depend on it. In order to prevent further degradation of ecosystems and soils, it is necessary to restore landscapes with natural vegetation and forest plantations.

New alternative forestry models are also needed, taking into account the new conditions of climate change. In addition to local species, new species are also welcome, which will be resistant to the predicted climate in 40-50 years. In order to prevent the introduction of invasive plants, the latter must be strictly coordinated with the specialized Institutions in the field: Botanical Garden, ICAS. Existing afforestation practices require diversification to create more attractive models of forest management and landscape restoration, attracting new resources in the activity of ecological rehabilitation of localities. Our organization has formulated and proposed the concepts of Forest Plantings with increased added value (VAF) on degraded lands, a Model of collaboration with City Halls, Corporate Forest and other ways of aggregating local resources in reforestation activities.

The proposed project will be carried out on the aquatic protection lands of the springs and the upper course of the L?pu?na river, found under the management of the City Hall of V?rz?re?ti, Nisporeni district. The target community involved are the inhabitants of V?rz?re?ti commune, Nisporeni district. Other direct beneficiaries of the project are the owners of perennial plantations downstream of degraded lands selected for the creation of forest plantations; beekeepers from adjacent villages; population in the L?pu?na river basin; animal and plant communities, including protected species and included in the Red Book.

The activities proposed in the project are priority eligible actions in the GEF SGP Country Strategy as part of the Strategic Initiative 1: Community-based conservation of threatened ecosystems and species. The project activities are meant to expand the forest landscapes and to contribute to the ecological reconstruction of the eroded lands and landslides in V?rz?re?ti commune, Nisporeni district, to contribute to the protection and biodiversity conservation of the L?pu?na river basin by increasing the flow of the river springs.

Planting of value-added forests is an alternative solution to ensure sustainability for degraded forested land and draw the interest of the local population to support and engage in planting and protection of trees by avoiding grazing in these areas. Additionally, VAF offer a number of advantages through: diversification of villagers' income; protection and care of trees even by the inhabitants; increased resistance to climate change and additional support for the development of biodiversity on all chains: flora, amphibians, fish, birds, animals. The planting of honey species will contribute to the development of beekeeping and entomo-fauna in the adjacent area, and consequently will benefit the neighboring fruit plantations through the increased number of pollinators.

Project Snapshot

AO Lumina Renasterii Omului - LuReNoM
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 26,271.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 18,060.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 11,854.00
Project Number:
Currently under execution

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