Knowlegde Management and Taking Learning - Book learning GEF SGP OP6 Grantees
Knowlegde Management and Taking Learning - Book learning GEF SGP OP6 Grantees

A.1. preliminary
The GEF SGP Indonesia Country Program has been implemented since 1992, supporting 502 projects with total disbursements of close to US $ 9 million. The aim of this program is to conserve biodiversity, reduce the impact of climate change, stop land degradation and reduce pollution of international waters.
The program has developed in line with the dynamics of community-based resource management and environmental protection efforts. From the early stages of program implementation, GEF SGP Indonesia placed a high priority on building direct partnerships with community-based organizations and their supporting non-governmental organizations. In the early stages, grants were provided for various community and NGO projects. In recent years, the SGP Indonesia Country Program has also participated in a number of strategic pilot initiatives, providing opportunities for community groups to work together on regional and landscape initiatives.
The GEF SGP Indonesia program has reached Phase VI which works in four working areas, namely Gorontalo, Wakatobi, Nusa Penida and Semau Island. This Phase VI program has been running since 2017 and will end at the end of 2020. During the four years of the Program, there are many interesting practices in the field, both in terms of achievements and as material for reflection and learning. Outcomes are of course important to see the extent to which the program has succeeded (and not been successful in meeting the objective indicators set earlier. Meanwhile, reflection and learning are necessary to reinterpret the work that has been done and become learning materials for the community, facilitators, policy makers, donor agencies, and various other parties in making improvements and continuing the program at a later date.
In the perspective of GEF-SGP Indonesia, this reflection and learning process is part of the knowledge management cycle. This section has received serious attention from the National Secretariat of the GEF-SGP Indonesia for more than 10 years. Various efforts to develop knowledge (knowledge generating) have been carried out by reflecting on and drawing learning from implicit knowledge (tacit knowledge) into real knowledge (explicit knowledge) so that the results are shared as a learning process for the public (knowledge sharing), more clearly see Figure 1 Knowledge Management Cycle. At the National Secretariat of GEF SGP Indonesia, this cycle has been carried out regularly on an ongoing basis.
There are two books proposed in this project, namely:
1. Study Book of GEF SGP Indonesia Partners Phase VI
The book contains reflections on the learning of partners in four regional locations: Gorontalo, Semau, Wakatobi, and Nusa Penida. The book will be written by partner representatives from organizations / communities in four regions and nationally who have basic writing capacity, are interested and committed to being involved in the process based on the existing timelines.
2. Wakatobi Potential Book
This book will contain a variety of important information regarding the potentials possessed by Wakatobi. The idea for this book was born from the wealth of potential that Wakatobi has and has never been comprehensively raised so far. The book will be written by the authors of the book From Sergai to Kefa published by Terasmitra and part of the Writing Narative Scholarship project (funded by GEF SGP in 2017). The data collection process will be carried out online with resource persons in Wakatobi who are GEF SGPP Phase VI partners.
Project Objectives and Expected Results
The creation of GEF SGP Indonesia Phase VI partner learning books with the theme "Developing Knowledge and Attracting Learning" has several objectives and expected results as listed in the following table:
1. Training in writing learning articles that are reflective, argumentative, and telling stories
2. Prepare a learning book for GEF SGP Indonesia Phase VI partners in four working areas
3. Compiling a book on community potentials in Wakatobi

Project Outcomes
Training modules and Time line training for program activist writing in four working areas and national partners of GEF SGP Indonesia Phase VI
250 copies of GEF SGP Indonesia Phase VI partner learning books in four working areas
250 copies of the book on community potentials in Wakatobi
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Project Snapshot

Wisanggeni 91
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 20,500.00
Co-Financing Cash:
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 20,655.27
Project Number:
Currently under execution

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Mr Muhammad Ramadhan


Jl Campuhan No.7 Batu Bulan,.
Gianyar , Bali ,

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