Development of Silvofishery of Mangrove Crabs in Horuo and Mantigola Villages, Kaledupa Wakatobi District.
Development of Silvofishery of Mangrove Crabs in Horuo and Mantigola Villages, Kaledupa Wakatobi District.
Title of Activity
Development of Silvofishery Mangrove Crabs in Horuo and Mantigola Villages.
Activity Duration
Eight (8) months.
General Objectives (Mission and Vision and Values ??to be achieved at the end of the proposed program)
The general objective of this activity is the realization of the people of Desa Horuo and Mantigola, Wakatobi who are independent, environmentally friendly and prosperous
Expected results at the end of collaboration with GEF SGP
? Conservation of mangrove forests in Horuo and Mantigola villages.
? Increased knowledge and ability of the community in management and protection
marine natural resources.
? Increased knowledge of Horuo and Mantigola villagers in the cultivation of mangrove crabs
with the silvofishery approach
? Increased income of Horuo and Mantigola villagers from forest use
? The beneficiaries of the program directly or indirectly are Horuo villagers
and Mantigola and the Kaledupa community.
Mainstreaming Gender and Social Inclusion
What is the role of men and women in the proposed activity (focusing on women's needs). How this activity can be enjoyed by all groups in society including marginalized groups.
How does the community measure the success of activities
To measure whether the activities carried out successfully or not, the implementation team will conduct regular monitoring every once a month to ascertain whether the activity has met the existing indicators or not. This monitoring activity will also involve local facilitators and supporting institutions (Embar Root).
Opportunities for sustainability of activities
? How do the key behaviors support the program and benefit from the program? The involvement of this activity is expected to be able to establish integrated cooperation with the government, private sector, counterpart partners and the community itself.
? What is the planned sustainability of the activities after funding from GEF SGP ends?
- Management and maintenance of the results of activities
Arranging mangrove and coastal ecosystems so that Horuo and Mantigola villagers get the maximum benefit so that the activity goes on.
- Business Plan
The establishment of a mangrove crab group with assistance from dew roots.
- Distribution of responsibilities within institutions / groups
Business plan from upstream to downstream, the production will be carried out by the mangrove crab farming group. Meanwhile, mangrove maintenance is carried out by the assisted groups of the Horuo and Mantigola Fishermen Partnership Forum.
Estimated Risks and Actions
? Estimated Risk
- There is no support from the community because of the lack of support from the community
because of lack of understanding of the program's goals.
- Fear of the community trying new things and a lack of persistence
face challenges throughout the program.
- If this program is successful, it will cause social jealousy inside
Horuo and Mantigola communities.
? Actions proposed to reduce the risks faced in achieving the objectives or
during the implementation of the activity. Some of the actions proposed to reduce risk are;
- Providing understanding to the community about the purpose and objectives of the activity program through various approaches including socialization and small discussions with the community.
- Work closely with the village government, and local partners to provide the community with an understanding of the objectives of the program.
- Always provide motivation and provide intensive and directed assistance during the program.
- Trying to provide understanding that the mangrove crab group as a pilot will then transmit and influence other community groups to participate in the development of other marine aquaculture.

Project Snapshot

Kelompok Akar Embun
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 15,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 16,171.00
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed

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