Community Capacity Building for Developing Knowledge Management Products through Film Production in Semau
Community Capacity Building for Developing Knowledge Management Products through Film Production in Semau

The work of the GEF SGP Indonesia partner community in more than twenty years has become more diverse and unique. The process of the community working in various ways in dealing with its ecological threats should be disseminated to a wider audience so that such work can be replicated, enhanced, and valued. Documenting community work is done in many ways. Some are written, photographed, drawn, spoken, and filmed.

Short videos or films that can be produced by the community or community itself become one of the options to accommodate oral cultural practices that still apply and prove to be the most efficient in delivering messages. At the same time, communities need bi-directional information to ensure that their work processes meet the needs of survivors without depriving the rights of future generations to enjoy natural resources and the stability of environmental services. With the advancement and cheapness of home video camera technology and film production and with the increasingly frequent use of films by communities and NGOs supporting environmental activities, the GEF SGP Indonesia will hold a Community Video meeting to support community work that is easily accessible, targeted and environmentally sound. Community Video was chosen as an approach that allows for opening dialogue between the community of actors and decision makers. This method is assumed to be the process of approaching and delivering messages that empower the creator, minimize social class disparity, and are effective as a means of verifying social and environmental change.

With funding support from GEF, SGP Indonesia will hold a workshop and workshop on the process of making community videos. This activity intends to support the development of community-based documentation without standardized forms and structures that kill the diversity of community perspectives.

General purpose:
Strengthening wider public space for the voices of the people working in facing their ecological threats as a result of climate change and the environment

Specific Activity Objectives:
Enhancing the skills of GEF SGP partners in producing videos for the purposes of reporting progress, empowering assisted communities, and for providing alternative media information to the public.

Expected goal:
- Facilitating a meeting to exchange knowledge and expertise among participants about the use of participatory video media.
- Conducting integrated training in making videos based on limited tools and knowledge.
- Show films produced in training and other films that are relevant to get strategic audience feedback.
- Building the foundation of a wider and inclusive community video network.

Expected results:
- Note of Proceedings and Proceedings of the Training Process
- Wider community video network
- film screening
- Technical reports and financial reports
- Film production with a number of local training groups

Activities to achieve the goals, objectives and expected results above:
1. Training to improve the skills of GEF SGP partners in making participatory videos
2. Virtual discussion about planning, arrangement and technical substance as well as material / picture messages.
Monitoring along with progress from the training
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Motion Capture Indonesia
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US$ 20,000.00
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US$ 22,500.00
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Satisfactorily Completed

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