Nyangweta Village Solar Energy Access and Sustainable Mobility Project
Nyangweta Village Solar Energy Access and Sustainable Mobility Project
Nyangweta village, in Kisii County, Kenya is home to 2,500 residents comprising of households and small business owners. Administrively the project lies in Etago Division, South Mugirango Constituency in Kisii County. The village predominant source of energy is firewood and kerosene. It has been shown that continued use of firewood and kerosene results in indoor pollution leading to deaths due to respiratory illness. The project will cover Maosa, Botabori, Kiagware sub-villages.
Nyangweta River flows through the village and has sufficient capacity to provide a clean energy for a village mini-grid. SUSEFA supported Kuza Energy to undertake pre-feasibility studies and identified two (2) sites with a capacity of producing 1000kW of electricity (500kW each). The sites have the capacity to provide clean energy access to 1500 residents and power productive energy use activities. Excess generated power (550kW) shall be sold to the national grid under a power purchase agreement (PPA) with the national power distribution utility, KPLC. While 1500 residents can be reached with the mini-grid, 1000 residents out of the radius of the minigrid will be left out. SUSEFA is therefore partnering with Kuza, Sunspot and Sunpawa to provide a complete clean energy access solution to the village. This proposal seeks funding to solar energy powered clean transport option and provide stand-alone solar PV systems and lanterns for 1000 residents who will not be reached by the mini-grid.
The target population is a community of 10,000 people (2500 households). Demographics of the target population is as follows2
o Children and teens 0-17 years-4500
o Youth 18-30 years-3500
o Adults 31-50 years-1250
o Mature- 50 and above- 750
o The ratio of female to male in the village is 49% and 51% respectively

Sustainable Energy Foundation Africa, SUSEFA is an NGO that works to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency. SUSEFA was registered in 2015. Since its inception SUSEFA has undertaken renewable energy capacity building programme and supported 4 start-ups undertake prefeasibility studies for grid connected and off-grid clean energy project. These include :
o Nyangweta 1000kW small-hydro minigrid-Kuza Energy Limited
o Matunwa 2000kW grid-connected hydropower project- Matunwa Hydropower Limited
o Sirwa 6000kW grid-connected hydropower project- Sirwa Hydro Limited
SUSEFA leverages on the expertise of its board members to undertake the assignments
The executive management organ in the organization is the board led by the board chairman. The executive director runs the day to day operations of the organization and oversee the operations of three management committees that are responsible for specific operations of the organization.
The project management committee draws its memberships from board members with specific experience in running renewable energy project. This committee has overseen prefeasibility studies for the projects listed above by utilizing internal resources, volunteers and interns.

The financial management committee is in-charge of managing the organization financial resources, it is responsible for budgeting and fundraising and overseeing budgets and expenditures of the project management committee and organization in general. The legal affairs committee ensures that the organization works within the laws of the land and reduce legal risks in projects.
SUSEFA projects management committees reach out to volunteers, interns, and temporary placements on project needs basis. Generally, SUSEFA board is multi-disciplinary and with a wide range of skill-sets that has enabled SUSEFA accomplish projects and assignments
Kuza Energy was registered in 2017 and started operations in 2018. Kuza main activities have mainly been project development. Using internal resources and support from SUSEFA, it has undertaken technical prefeasibility studies for a community minigrid worth US$ 25,000. The studies have been submitted to the government that has resulted in Kuza securing approvals to develop Nyangweta hydropower mini-grid project. The project has received technical assistance support from the Green Minigrids Facility and PFAN (an initiative by UNIDO and REEP). Kuza has a local presence in the project area. To increase the socio-economic impact of the project, Kuza is seeking to partner with Sunspot and Sunpawa through SUSEFA hence provide a complete clean energy solution for Nyangweta Village. Since it has a good presence in the village, Kuza will be in-charge of community capacity building
Sunspot Energy was registered in September 2017 and provides solar projects services. To-date, Sunspot has carried out solar installations totaling to about 700kW of power. Sunspot is working in rural communities to implement solar PV and solar hybrid projects to power homes, schools
and health facilities, water pumping systems and small scale processing machines. Sunspot also works with small and medium consumers in urban areas to install solar PV systems to lower their electricity bills by 30-95%.
Sunpawa Energy delivers end user a Smart Solar/Energy Experience on Prepaid basis. Customers pay for Energy Consumed and Value-Added Services offered such as solar PV lantens, electric motor vehicle charging, and electric motor vehicle transport
SUSEFA, the lead applicant, has managed four renewable energy prefeasibility study projects in the past 3 years. The organization has the internal capacity and access to experience and qualified professionals to manage the proposed project. SUSEFA operates with two permanent paid staff to support operations. In addition to this, SUSEFA board is comprised of a group of young professionals who are ready to offer their expertise in project development and management when called upon. SUSEFA is duly registered by the NGO Coordination Board and legally exists as an international NGO. SUSEFA is a member of the Kenya Renewable Energy Association,
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Project Snapshot

Sustainable Energy Foundation Africa
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US$ 44,500.00
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US$ 44,500.00
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Satisfactorily Completed

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