Strengthening biodiversity conservation, fisheries management and reef rehabilitation in Shimoni marine areas
Strengthening biodiversity conservation, fisheries management and reef rehabilitation in Shimoni marine areas
Shimoni BMU Co-management area in one of the biodiversity hotspots in Kenya with high diversity of corals, fish species and seagrass beds. There are over 164 coral genera recorded within its waters in addition to over 250 species of fish and 5 species of turtles. The resources however face various threats which include overexploitation and resource use conflicts.

The proposed project has the primary objective of ‘a healthy coastal and marine environment providing sustainable benefits for present and future generations’ with project specific objectives being
1. Support the conservation and protection of sensitive habitats, recovery of fish populations and rehabilitation of degraded habitats
2. Build the capacity of the Shimoni BMU to sustainably manage the Shimoni Co-management Area

The project will be implemented by the Shimoni BMU in collaboration with key partners who include the Kwale County Fisheries Department, Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institution and the Kenya Wildlife Service.

Some of the key project activities include coral and seagrass rehabilitation, participatory closure of an area to recover octopus and lobster population, strengthening MCS capacity and enhance enforcement against illegal fishing and targeting threatened species such as turtles. These two activities will in the long-term contribute to biodiversity conservation and sustainable fisheries management of the Shimoni BMU
The projected project cost is US$ 41,483.6 with funding request from GEF equivalent to US $ 23,907.10
The Shimoni Beach Management Unit (BMU) established in 2007 is an organization of fishers, fish traders, boat owners, fish processors, excursion tour operators and other beach stakeholders who traditionally depend on fisheries resources and undertake other related activities such as ecotourism activities within Shimoni village, Kwale county.
The BMU is located in Shimoni village and has a total registered membership of nearly 500 members. The overall purpose of the BMU is to collaboratively manage (co-manage) the Shimoni village fish landing station, local fishery resources and the marine environment with the Kwale County Department of Fisheries.

The BMU operates through approved BMU By-laws which identify a number of objectives among which include protection of sensitive and fragile ecosystems, development of controls on illegal fishing methods and practices; and awareness and dissemination of information on management of fisheries resources amongst others. The BMU also has an approved co-management plan which seeks to actualize the above stated objectives and is part of the Shimoni-Vanga Joint Co-Management Plan.
The BMU has been recognized for its successful implementation of initiatives receiving several awards such the 2018 World Environment Day Award.
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Project Snapshot

Shimoni Beach Management Unit
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 23,907.00
Co-Financing Cash:
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 15,057.94
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed

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Mr. Hamisi Parago Mwalago
Phone: 0729264544


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Ukunda , 80400

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Ms. Nancy Chege
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